Believe in yourself !

As a young girl I had dreams & aspirations , I lived in a world of make-believe for the most part , seeing as my siblings didn’t entertain me or my little games for the majority of time ….. I played alone a lot in the fields , having little adventures climbing up trees and daydreaming ….. I dreamed that one day I would be a clothes designer , an artist , a hairdresser !

Now they were my top 3 favourites for a very long time , maybe up until I went to secondary school and I was told by a  teacher to ” stop dreaming girl “, what do you really want to be ?

Maybe ” shop work ” or  a Secretarial course is always a good thing to have on your CV etc ……

Ps. I tried it and absolutely hated it ! [secretarial course]

In my book you either love something or you hate it , why do we follow what others want of us ? There idea of whats good for us what would suit us ,we should not be afraid to say how we feel or what we love or aspire too because of what others might think! Deep down we all know what we like & want even if it seems far-fetched & out of reach ! But a least , encourage the mes of today & say go for it, ” Follow your Dream ” As young impressionable teenagers this is what should be happening !

Maybe it is but for me it was a totally different,  ” STORY ” !

I love that word STORY , i love to read a story & tell a story !

Maybe this Blog is me telling mine …….. to be continued

To all of you who said go for it & follow your dream thank you & heres to BEAUTIFUL THINGS XXX.

toni  morrison



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