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My Day ! Regardless.

By looking at the photo you would never have guessed I was only after 5 hours sleep the night before ! But it’s what us moms do we have to carry on regardless !


The Magic of make-up !

Feeling tired & like I have been hit by a bus but managed , actually struggled to get dressed and put on some slap to cover the ghost that lies beneath !

As I was left to fend for myself today as hubby & son went to watch Cork v Kerry match, I had to go & get some drugs for the sick & poorly ! Faye my youngest wailed at 3 o clock this morning , so not feeling the best myself struggled upstairs to see what the problem was ! OMG !!! The sweat was pouring off the poor child , quick strip , wet flannel & down stairs to medicine box searching for the paralink ! (a must in any home with little ones ).

Job done ! Followed by a beaker  of cold water for her & a decaf tea for me as we settled down to an hours viewing of BEN & HOLLYS LITTLE KINGDOM ! But in fairness Nanny Plum does make me laugh even at 4 in the morning ….

Eventually she decided to nod off …..zzzzz

Back to bed till 7 when the rest decided to run through the house like a herd of stampeding elephants !!!!!

The cat was left in and was crying repeatedly to be feed once awake the utter need to pee got the better of me & up I got ….

In Car …. Midleton …. pharmacy … BiteSize Cafe …. Lunch …. Delicious …. Slight Improvement in Health ….

Hence a quick visit to THERAPY ….



I have a weakness for yellow so couldnt resist trying it on !
2015-03-08_17.29.52 I have a weakness for yellow so couldnt resist trying it on !
I only purchased Red magazine , a lippy & the nurofen !
I only purchased Red magazine , a lippy & the nurofen !


 So after my little fix in Therapy in Midleton , I toddled off home , lit the fire , made a nice mug of tay & Yes that’s the t-bag still in the mug I love strong tea !!!! So strong you could trot a mouse through it !!!! hehehe….. The one dip is a must as I’m off chocolate & my god the urges are unreal especially when feeling poorly a Dairymilk would be so much more satisfying ……..
So till the next time my Beautiful Things xxx

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