Whats a Mom.

The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, one who puts her kids before herself and the one you can always count on above everyone else !

Just telling her your problems makes you feel better because your mom always knows how to make it all go away .

Even if you fight,know that she’s just looking out for your best intentions !

When you are feeling like a hug her arms are always open !


When you grow up and one day become a mom yourself you have those feelings of protection , unconditional love a love so strong that nothing or no one would break that bond , you would give your life for your child , cry their tears to stop their sadness , fight for them ,stay awake all night when they are sick ,show them that no matter what you are there for them through thick and thin with a kind word and a warm smile …. saying ” ill put the kettle on and we can have a chat about it “, putting things to rights !  Laughing together crying together !

Feeling the bond you felt as a young child that overwhelming love , the feeling of protection the feeling that no matter what happens in life you know in your heart and soul that your MOM will be there unconditionally putting you first making it all better !


Maybe Some of us have lost our Moms or maybe our Moms have lost their way , but I am certain of one thing that a mothers love should be endless and as sad as it may be that isn’t always the case so for the few who are missing the endless love of a mother ….. I wish you that love today & everyday & a strong heart and the strength  & courage to accept  and know in your heart that there is someone who loves you in that way be it a sister a friend a cousin a granny a stepmom a foster mom your adoptive mom, the lovely lady next door ….



And to all MOTHERS …I wish you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY xxx


I cried a tear today momma,

Sad and lonely for your love ,

A kind word,a soft smile a warm embrace,

Put me first momma ,

Where is the unconditional love momma,

I walked the stairs to my daughters room and as I lay beside my little ones beds,

I cried a silent tear , as I kissed their little heads wishing you loved me as I love them

But why momma , but why ?

you will always be my momma ,

So I give my girls never ending love ,

and tell them ever night ,

36f33efd1c0f26f0fe5542720c9900ac my precious ones !

Love unconditionally




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