Those people who have touched our lives !

Let me begin with ” There was a teacher ” there was a lady , there was a friend , there are certain people in life who touch our hearts !

When you begin school its a major event. Even as a little kid you are scared , nervous , anxious, petrified even ! All these feelings for such a little being can be quiet overwhelming, cant they ?

And now as a mother myself, i realise what my kids have felt. And my youngest daughter Faye will experience when she goes to big school .

I think the knowing & feeling all of these emotions makes us, “The Mom’s” feel even worse. We know what lies ahead for them !

The feelings that our kids are experiencing are running through us at that particular moment in time (as they begin the journey throught school).

It’s heightened & as a mom we have an emotional awareness, with each of my kids I have felt probably worse than they did.

Hoping and wishing everything will be ok for them on there first day of big school !

il_570xN.291906216 kind

Memories last a lifetime and moments in time or words spoken can affect us hugely as individuals in life .

I don’t really remember my first day at school but I do remember my time in a convent school in Tralee Co.Kerry,  well actually I tell a lie ,I only recall one thing from my time there and that is that I didn’t really like nuns and I did like the lollipop lady !

You see I was in class and had needed to go to the loo so I raised my hand and politely asked sister ???? whats her face (sorry no disrespect to nuns ) could I go to the toilet . Off I toddled to the little girls room where I quickly did my business and then went to open the Toilet door.

To my horror it was jammed tight absolutely no shifting it whatsoever …..

You would have thought I would have screamed for help but being slightly scared of the nuns I did not and for the next few hours or what felt like hours I sat teary eyed and frightened on the toilet (lid down of course) .

I thought after the initial shock wore off about how the hell I was going to get out of here ?

I tried and failed to climb out over the door !

You would have thought that by this time sister whats her face would have missed the New girl who nipped to the loo but she didn’t (the auld bat ) sorry sister !!!!

I sat tears rolling down my cheeks thinking  about how uncared for I was and how could it be that no one missed me …..

I heard a loud beep …beep…beep…

And it was the school bell to say school was out for the day OH NO !!!!

Panic set in and I jumped up looking searching trying to think what I could do when it struck me try to squeeze out  under the door and I did just that , it was a tight squeeze but I did it !

I didn’t run to get my school bag or anything like that as nearly all the kids were gone out the door at that stage ,

I ran straight out the front door tears rolling down my face and I probably looked fairly shaken , I stood by the gate and waited …..The lollipop lady was looking at me with a worried look and came straight over to see what it was that ailed me .

I blurted out the whole story and she was so so nice and caring, she stayed with me until my mom collected me from school and I remember her giving me a “bullseye” , sweet I loved it and sucked it slowly savouring it as if it was almost soothing me after my,  HORRENDIOUS ORDEAL  as a kid of 5 it was in my world !

So even though this all happened well over 30 years ago it’s still so fresh in my memory as if it only happened yesterday !

So to you the lovely caring LOLLIPOP LADY thank you for being so kind that day XXX

And anytime I have a “Bullseye”, I think how kind you were to me that day ….

3759487c4b3abbdb918c83b10956f7f2 quotes

Another person who as a kid touched my life was a teacher.

I wasnt the smartest straight A  student or in the cool gang , but I always did my best and had lots of friends .

I always remember looking forward to getting my school reports in the post to see what the teachers had said about me ….

Silly really that it felt so important , what people (like) the teachers thought of me ?

But I suppose we always seek approval in life acceptance a feeling that we matter that were liked !

I usually got things like, and I quote

“Marie trys hard , I find her to be pleasant and worked to her ability”.

“Marie trys hard and will do well if she keeps up the hard work”

BUT ……

Theres always one ….

A remark that sticks in your mind and as a kid it hurts, and instantly a memory is formed in a little brain to be kept there for all time .

We may forget these things but every now and again we remember ….

The older we get the less we care but as a kid in school one teachers remark was

” Marie will struggle and find next year very difficult “


so be careful what you say ….

Encourage , build self esteem, praise …it is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult …

choose your words wisely

Food for thought eh ????



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