Todays haul !

Todays bits & bobs !

Isnt it so hard to just go out intending on purchasing just one thing , well actually …
(two things in my case ) calpol & vitamins . And I always seem to come back with more ! Well I didn’t go too crazy this time !

So since I got a bad head cold and throat infection a few weeks back I seemed to take like forever to recover and still havent quiet shaken it , my energy levels have taken a nose dive . I especially notice it when I am out running which I love to do . So vitamins it is !!!!
*MorEPA smart fats Omega -3
MorEPA is a highly concentrated EPA food supplement which is supplemented with liquid stabilising antioxidants. MorEPA capsules are tasty & chewable. This makes them suitable for people who do not like fishy taste of normal fish oils.
Minami obtains fish from sustainable managed waters and is the only fish oil in the world to receive EMAS( Eco-Managment & audit scheme)status-a very stringent European standard.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance that is believed to help develop & renew cartilage(the hard connective tissue mainly located on bones in the body) and keep it lubricated for better joint movement & flexibility.

MSN- Methylsulfonylmethane is a naturally occurring form of sulphur that helps support muscles and tendons in the body .
A great nutritional supplement in people with osteoarthritis or inflammatory joint disorders .A vital building block of joints,cartilage,skin,hair & nails, and methyl groups which support many vital biochemical processes in the body;including energy production.

I have taken these Omega 3 oils before and found them excellent , my husband who sufferes from osteoarthritis really noticed a different he suffered less pain and felt more flexible in this joints ! So if something helps or benefits you take it ! We get lazy when it comes to vitamins , buy them take them for a month and then forget to buy more until we feel were lacking in energy or we feel run down whatever it may be & off we go to the chemist , Holland & Barrett or where ever and stock up again ! This time I will be more consistant & take for 3 months and have a break and start again .

The Glucosamine, clondrition ,MsN

Well I have also taken these and found them excellent . I got them because I run or try to run 3 times a week. And they are excellent for our joints, flexibility , renewal of cartilage and so on . We all should be taking some vitamins. We try to eat a healthy balanced diet, but the Irish diet is really bad & in my opinion obesity is becoming a major problem in Ireland today  . With playstations , xbox , tv (omg I so hate to see a tv in a bedroom ) especially in a kids room . We need more exercise at home and especially in schools. I think it should be made an exam subject in all schools from primary up to secondary ! Each child should pass a certain level of fitness . When did I need to have a GAELIGE, since I left school not ONCE did i need or use IRISH ,what I did need was a kick up the butt in fitness !

Well not exactly true I was overweight in national school and was teased a little , believe me they knew better than to say anything twice to me ! But siblings aren’t the same and I was constantly picked on. And the favourite name to call me was THUNDER THIGHS .

I suppose being 5f 3 and about 11stone at my heaviest (i was overweight) but teasing is in excusable and a terrible thing to do so please never tease or make rude remarks on a person’s weight ! So as soon as I hit secondary school I started to watch what I ate and jogged on the spot in my bedroom for an hr most days till I lost the weight (took about a yr or more ) .I also walked and loved P.E in secondary school .Then boys enter the equation and you want to try look your best and be the best you that you can be ! (Sorry went on a totally different path there)

* My next purchase 1000 miles running socks.


I never heard of these socks before so when a friend recommend them I said I would check them out . I found them in Cummins sports shop & they cost me 11 euro.

The 1000 mile sock is a sock within a sock, the inner layer stays with the foot, the outer layer moves with the shoe, eliminating friction on the skin and reducing wear. The unique tactel inner wicks away perspiration to the moisture absorbing outer layer , keeping the feet dry. The combination of fibres and the top venting maintain a comfortable temperature for the foot. Arch bracing gives extra support. Now HEELPOWER techonology grips the heel firmly on place , so no slippage !

They guarantee money back  within one year from date of purchase if , either you experience blisters or the socks wear out within 1000miles, provided care instructions are followed and socks are returned with receipt .

So I hope to enjoy my next long run in my new socks ! Will let you all know what I think of them.

*NYX mauve lip liner cost 4.99 / dupe for MAC Whirl liner


The kylie jenner lip is a huge craze & Mac cannot seem to keep Brave lipstick & Whirl liner in stock as soon as they come in there sold out in a few hours !
So if like me you can’t really justify spending €20 for a Mac lippy then I have the perfect dupe for you from NYX cosmetics .

So the dupe for “Mac Brave” is NYX Thalia (it was sold out aahh)

I did buy it last Saturday but the hole in the paper bag happened & I shed a mini tear for a lost purchase .
But I know Mellericks pharmacy have it in stock so will be treating myself again next time I am in town .

My make-up today & I used NYX lip liner and my Mac Twig lipstick ….


Hope you enjoyed my review on my bits & bobs

Until next time my Beautiful Things xxx


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