The Perfect Canvas

I though I would do a post on the perfect canvas .

Make-up can be tricky and with so many products on the market today its easy for the novice to be terrified and just give up!
Heading into the make-up department in Brown Thomas would fill me with delight and excitment with shrieks and giggles and oohs & aahs ! (sorry mentally imagining all the glissing products and glimmering illuminating powders and creams,lipsticks, glosses, shadows the colours. Getting carried away there oops…)

  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Fixing powder
  • Bronzer & Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Eyebrows
  • Shadow, Liner & Mascara
  • Liner,Lipstick & Gloss

I will begin with the bare essentials *CONCEALER * FOUNDATION * FIXING POWDER & BRONZER !

I know you’ve read the list and went holy cow I could paint & plaster half the ladies in Ireland with that amount of slap ! But please bare with me ….

Test foundation on your jaw line and check it in daylight. The colour is correct if it disappears without much blending. If you can’t afford a splurge on foundation, go to a department store ask the beauty advisor to help you choose the perfect colour and they will apply it for you . Wear it for the whole day !

Ask for a sample to take home (before spending your cash ) then go to your local boots or pharmacy and match the colour with your given sample .

This is a great foundation for beginners & wont break the bank ! Costs about 10.00

Make sure your skin is clean and moisturised.

Wait a few minutes before applying your foundation to let moisturiser sinks in.

You wouldnt paint a wall without preparing it ,polyfilla , sanding pretty much like make-up its the same principle really primer to smooth out bumps and hollows & foundation to fill in cracks and concealer to cover inperfections to create the perfect flawless finish (you get my point )
Primer is a skippable step unless your make-up must last through a late night.

* If you want just a little coverage, use your fingers.
* If you want more, use a sponge (beauty blender) or foundation brush / or stipple brush it is a personal choice !
* For everyday , dab foundation only on where you need it to hide pimples, camouflage redness or even out your T-Zone

To get that air-brushed finish , blend make-up all over,including the eye area,starting in the middle and work from the middle out .

I use Clinique but use your own moisturizer to hydrate skin .


I use this brand and love it !

Some people conceal before and others after , again a personal choice .
I would conceal after if creating a smokey eye look as there would be a little fall out from dark shadows.
Always go a shade or two lighter than your foundation & use a small pointy brush to cover imperfections.


Penneys stock this brand ! And Boots . Just as good as a more expensive brand . It does what it says on the tin !

I used to think this was only something my granny used in the old days but actually if you want your foundation to last the day and eliminate shine from your t-zone then use it .

Image result for matte bronzers boots
Always choose a matte bronzer.

Finally apply your bronzer .

So now you have the basic cosmetics for your perfect canvas all you need is some tools to apply it .

And here’s where you shouldnt buy the cheapest of the cheap , good brushes are so so important and will make applying everthing so much easier .

I am loving & recommending

Image result for real techniques starter collection
Sam McCauley & Boots do great offers on these brushes regularly
Mellericks & Mike Walshes stock these brushes .

We can get to grips with the glossy finishes at a later date !

Hope you enjoyed the Basics & happy shopping , now you have an idea it will make things a little less daunting

.Who knows you might even enjoy yourself browsing the cosmetics stands

Until the next time my Beautiful Things XXX


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