The Dreaded Greys !

Why oh why are we the female species so worried about going grey ?

Is it that were vain ?
Are we trying to defy the ageing process ?
Maybe we just like to look nice ?
It’s in the last year I have really noticed the greying process & I am lucky if I get 3 weeks to a month from my visit to the hairdressers.
Expensive business to be going every 3 weeks to hide the greys !
God I hate that word Grey !
When I look at my hubby & see his silver strands I think em sexy distinguished George Clooney type sophisticated older man swoon & drool effect kinda thing goin on !
Yet when I see my silver strands starting to appear I think
Sweet mother of divine not again !
God I feel & look old !
Why me ?
Can I afford to visit the hairdressers this week ?
Will it last till I go on my girly weekend away ?
Its one job I absolutely hate hate hate doing & can someone tell me how the hell can I see the back of my own head to paint my growing greys in !
Or do you like me ask HUBBY DEAREST NICELY to paint the back of your head ….


I look un-impressed & pissed off at having to sit for 20 minutes afraid to move in case I stain someone or something !
Dont laugh ! you do it too & like me I bet you have a SPECIAL TOWEL for the job the one that comes out on this religious occasion when you cant afford to visit the salon .
The one with the dirty brown marks smeared all over it .

<a href=”https:/image

I am so WORTH IT !

Yes I feel transformed again
I feel and look younger
Well younger than I did when I had silver strands laughing at me from my mirror !



And then to wash it out & the excitement of blow drying it to discover all grey hairs are banished forever !
Not ….for 2 weeks if I’m LUCKY …
But isn’t that life and we do what makes us feel good about ourselves .
I just have another twenty five to thirty years of hair dying before I can grow grey disgracefully I mean gracefully if i last that long !
Until next time my Beautiful things
Yours truly ,
A new Woman ,
Because I am Worth it ! XxX


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