Mother & daughters day out.


My dear friend Laura and I were chatting one day and discovered that we both really wanted to go horse riding !

Laura’s daughter is an experienced rider and has her own pony , so we decided wouldn’t it be a lovely thing to do together with our daughters .

Laura went searching the internet  and found Ballyhoura Horse Trails , in Kilfinane , Co Limerick.

Leisurely , Pleasurely , Horse Riding .

Below is a link to BALLYHOURA HORSE TRAILS ;


We choose the 1hr Hack as it was our first time and we were a little nervous in case we’d come off the horse walking like JOHN WAYNE !!!!

A 1 hr Hack .Which is walk only through the forest up onto the hilltop which has beautiful views of Kilfinane.

No riding experience needed ! Thank goodness seeing as 3 of us have never been on a horse in our lives !

It was so exciting but I must admit I was a little nervous at the same time . The hardest bit was actually getting on the horse.

Annette and John Joe made us feel very welcome and relaxed .

Annette went through how to turn the horse left and right and the way to position yourself when going up hill & coming down.

We mounted our horses one by one mine was called “SPARKLE” and she was 13 yrs old a lovely horse .

We entered an arena where we walked round and round getting comfortable with the horse and accustomed to sitting so high up , getting a feel for the reigns turning and going up a little hill & down again.

So with everyone at ease and ready for road off we went on our first EVER HACK ! 

It was a wonderful experience and to share it with my daughter & my bestie and her daughter made the whole experience even better .



We had a lovely picnic on the way home courtesy of the ever thoughtful Laura .

So if there is something you have always wanted to do or try , go do it, life’s too short to say” SOMEDAY SOON I’LL DO THAT”, just do it you will never regret it but you will regret  it if you never got to do it  !


Yes I did sing Christy Moore RIDE ON !

While Laura gave us a rendition of MY LOVELY HORSE .

So many laughs & so many MEMORIES A SPECIAL DAY .



4 thoughts on “Mother & daughters day out.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day out for you all 🙂 I used to go horse riding twice all week with my dad for years it was always a great thing to do together. X #IrishBLBinspire

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