A Music Playlist / #IrishBlogCollab

Here we are & its week 3 in the Irish Blog Collabration .

This week is a music playlist .

I adore music , and its effects on me , sad music , happy music , uplifting music , music to fall asleep too , I could go on and on ….

Its THERAPY for the SOUL !

The first song that springs to mind is from THE QUEEN herself  MADONNA. 

I happily danced around my bedroom floor singing this into my hairbrush !



The next would be CHICAGO it was the first cassette I bought myself and I listened too it on my Walkman that I begged Santa for one Christmas.I listened to that cassette over & over till my Walkman burnt out my favourite song on it was …..


The next song would be from ENRIQUE IGLESIAS. It was played over and over in Turkey when my then boyfriend and I had our first holiday together so it became our song ! HES my Husband now .


There are loads more especially from the 80s but if I must choose songs that mean something to me for a special reason then these are my chosen few .

Next would be from my favourite movie went I was a young girl “LABYRINTH“. I fell in love with David Bowie in this movie.

My next song is one that is a favourite of ours (hubby & me). I had a card personally made with our photo and the words of this song on the card for our 10th wedding Anniverary.


Oh and as I was combing youtube this song popped into my head i love it also  … PHIL COLLINS 

In the air tonight;

My finally my last song is from Charlene Soraia

As I loved listening to this during my pregnancy and it was playing in the car as I arrived to CUH maternity hospital to give birth to my (last) Child which was a baby girl.


I loved listening to these songs again and they brought back wonderful memories that I will hold forever in my heart .

Hope you enjoyed my picks ,

Until next time my Beautiful Things XxX

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