Aldi- LaCura Expert Beautifying Serum & Eye Gel review.

As my much loved Clinique brand serum & eyecream were almost empty.I decided to chance Aldis own brand LA CURA EXPERT range instead of paying a little fortune on Clinique ! I already use their Night Cream and really love it !wpid-20150420_135725.jpgwpid-20150423_092653.jpg

THE EFFECTS ; The  LaCura Beautifying Serum with its exclusive blue-green micro algae and kudzu extract

  1. protects the skin and aids skin harmonisation
  2. revitalises the skin and is proven to reduce wrinkles
  3. moistures the skin
  4. improves the skin suppleness
  5. proven to tighten skin                                                                                                                                                                     RESULTS; leaves the skin noticeably softer,smoother and fresher.                                                      

                  EXPERT DOUBLE EFFECT EYE GEL anti-age  How it works; Contains caffeine,horse chestnut and kudzu extract and refreshes the tired ansd sensitive areaaround the eyes counteracts swelling around the eyes with eye bright and alfafa extracts reduces fine lines and wrinkles with an effective peptide complex intensively moisturises the skin

RESULTS; Cools and refreshes the area around the eyes, provides immediate and long lasting moisture, proven to prduce the depth of wrinkles for relaxed and rested looking eyes.

Wrinkles reduced by up to 37%

Skin elasticity improved by up to 21%

Skin firming by up to 33%

And theses are the claims for the beautifying serum;

Wrinkles reduced by up to 31%

Skin elasticity improved by up to 33%

Suppleness improved by up to 34%

Both products have a lovely texture.

The serum is oily but once you put 2/3 drops on the face it sinks into the skin beautifully and the gel is lovely and cooling just pat in around the eye area.

Its week two and I really like the products  with a price tag of 4.99 each who could complain .

Until next time, My Beautiful Things XxX

And as my dear Granny used to say, as long as you feed the skin something both morning and evening it will do it good

She was a lover of PONDS COLD CREAM & My Gran had the softess skin ever !


5 thoughts on “Aldi- LaCura Expert Beautifying Serum & Eye Gel review.

  1. I have just started to use your expert beautifying serum and would like to know if it is supposed to feel sticky on your skin, I use the expert night cream but there is a definite stickiness to this?


  2. where else may I purchase eye gel from Lacura ? Aldis no longer sells any of the line in Providence RI,but a trip to Sprinfield and stopping in I found some items still on sale Please advice if I can special order at corporate Aldis or other web site TY


  3. I’m 34yrs old and could see deep lines appearing around the skin under my eyes. I shop regularly at Aldi and noticed the `double effect eye gel´ at £3.99. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks (morning and night) and it has definately brightened and tightened the skin in that area. So pleased with product and price!!


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