NUXE Paris Clarifying Cream – Face Mask ; Review

I was feeling my skin needed a real deep clean and some nourishment.

So I went searching for the perfect face mask !

I was leaning towards the GLAMGLOW mud as I heard great things about it for a long time ,but the price tag was putting me off slightly .

Price 57.50 for 50ml

Then a few friends had tried it and one friend came out in a huge rash from it, so I was very dubious indeed.

I settled on the NUXE  Paris Clarifying Cream-Mask for face and neck with Rose Petals.

I went to Sam McCauley to purchase it , and the lovely assistant gave me 4/5 packs of the testers instead of paying full price which was handy . In case I didn’t like it .

Price 25.50 for 50ml
Price 25.50 for 50ml

It is for sensitive skin. You apply liberally to face and neck and leave on for 10/15 minutes,then rinse with water.

I did the following and when it came to rinsing off, I actually made a little wash with the product on my skin & the warm water and washed until I felt my skin was clean from the cream .


I enjoyed the Face-Mask but I didn’t love it .

It left my skin really soft and smooth and it did feel clean but not what I would expect from a face-mask to be honest !

If you have really sensitive skin it feels really soothing and nice going on the skin.

The smell is very nice , it reminds me of my Gran when she would wash her face with a flannel & hot water at night and smother herself in PONDS cold cream .

Lets just say I enjoyed using it and I would use it again but would I go out and purchase a Jar of it “NO”.

So the searching continues….

I want something like a mud mask that wont dry out my skin but leaves it feeling scrupulously clean , soft and smooth !

If you have a favourite Mask that can do all the above please let me know  , i would love to hear .

Until next time,

My Beautiful Things XxX


2 thoughts on “NUXE Paris Clarifying Cream – Face Mask ; Review

  1. Hi I find the Dermalogica power recovery mask a brilliant pick me up when my skin is feeling dull and in need of some TLC😄


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