TIPS ON Make-Up / #IrishBlogCollab

Hello everyone ,

Here we are on week 8 of the # IrishBlogCollab & todays post is Tips on, well what ever you are interested in or passionate about or qualified at !

So I recently Qualified as a ” MUA”  , Make-up Artist .

I did my training with La Beaute Makeup  Studio & Training Centre Cobh Co.Cork.

I began with Professional Makeup Training

Covering topics such as ,

* Client preparation

*Creating your canvas

*Eye makeup techniques

*Tools of the trade

*Kit building and presenting yourself as a Makeup Artist

Bridal, Black Tie & Party Makeup looks.

I did a practical exam at the end of my training and received my certificate.

Next up I did an Eye Makeup Masterclass & having completed my exams successfully received my Certificate .



  1. Tools of the trade ,” Brushes”, please invest in decent make up  brushes they make a huge difference when applying your foundation , eyeshadow,blush & highlighter.

    Real Techniques, Eco Tools, Beter Brushes, Blank Canvas to name but a few good brands !
  2. Foundation finding the perfect one to match your face , do not test on your hand it is not the same colour as your face try foundation on your jaw line for a perfect match.Or ask at the beauty counter don’t be afraid to ask and do not feel obliged to buy something it’s their job and they’re probably glad of the chat !
  3. Always prepare your canvas cleanse , tone, moisturise and apply primer if you like its like painting a wall you wouldn’t paint your sitting room without the proper pre now would you filling, sanding etc .
  4. Never ever sleep in your makeup a pet hate of mine it’s so bad for your skin on so many levels and your pillow case wont appreciate it either .
  5. Concealer always buy it in a shade or two lighter than your foundation & apply it in a triangle shape underneath your eye & blend blend blend !
  6. If you go too heavy-handed with your eyeshadow trying to create a smokey eye look don’t panic & please do not remove just use a little concealer and sweep up at an angle from the outer corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eyebrow simple .
  7. Use  lipliner not just on the outer edge but all over your lips it makes your lipstick last much longer .
  8. Smile when applying your blush might sound silly but smiling will make the apples of your cheeks pop & you will now exactly where to put your blush . Only the apples do not drag the brush back along the face .
  9. Brows ,fill in, brush on your eyebrows it makes a HUGE difference to the whole look

You don’t have too spent a fortune to create a fabulous make up look.

It was so difficult to pick ten there’s lots of hints & tips I could go on all day talking makeup and certain looks and products etc but it would be the longest post of all time then so before I go another thing I am a stickler for is doing something right and if you have a mobile MUA call to you make sure they have Public Liability Insurance in case God forbid you get stabbed in the eye by an eyeliner brush & end up in A&E so please ask for peace of mind !

If they are professional & treat their business as such then they will have now quam about you asking !

Until next time ,

My Beautiful Things.

Any questions or advice needed please contact me by email or my Facebook pg Beautiful Things !

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3 thoughts on “TIPS ON Make-Up / #IrishBlogCollab

    1. No.7 is fab ! I really love it now always thought of it as for my granny ! (Sorry gran ) but its an excellent range .
      Yes lipliner all over will hold your lipstick so much longer & makes the colour look more pigmented !
      Thank you Sharon glad you enjoyed it.


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