My Spa Experience at Sundari Spa Killarney

Spa days are simply the best days ever are they not ? Only in recent years have I started to pamper myself. And spending that money on a day of relaxation and luxury would have seemed a waste but…Us women/moms would usually rather spend that money on something for the kids,servicing the car or paying the Bloody TV licence (one bill I hate paying) total waste of money !

Well we really do deserve to be pampered every once in a while.We work extremely hard and today the demands on women are extreme in every way …

We need to have the house perfect , tidy  ,clean , and have a wholesome meal on the table.Have the kids clean , looked after, homework done then dropped here there and everywhere.Then we ourselves must , look good , eat well and exercise and be all things to everyone ….

Lets call a spade a spade and say “its tough being a WOMAN , WIFE , MOTHER  &  everything in-between so when we do get a chance to do something  JUST FOR OURSELVES. Take it, grasp it with both hands and run like an Australian bush fire ….out the front door.

I have everything booked before the hubby has a chance to say NO !!!! (he knows better lol).

I had my first taster of pampering when I had a facial the week before I got married which was over 10 years ago.I enjoyed it so much I nearly fell asleep on the couch it was so relaxing and my skin felt amazing after it.

Next snippet of pampering was whilst My hubby and I were on honeymoon in Turkey.We both booked in for a Turkish bath followed by massage , again pure bliss!

Then lots of kids later , work , life & madness all that stuff which occupies our everyday lives & a tough 5th pregnancy later with a terrible foreign holiday hospital visit & another visit & stay in hospital on return from holiday, hence the hubby treating me to a getaway and a special Spa treat.

Sometimes we forget to stop and relax.Have some ME TIME which we so need & deserve ….

My very first total indulgent 3hr Experience of Heaven was in …. The Sundari Spa Killarney, link here;

Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa in Killarney town centre Luxury Spa Hotels Ireland

I was treated to The Mum To Be Spa Package in The Sundari Spa , by my darling hubby!

And I absolutely loved it X

Heres the link below;

What can I say about The Sundari Spa ,how long have you got ?

Its simply beautiful, the staff are all so lovely and make you feel very welcome .The dressing area has lockers for your belongings and you get fluffy bathrobes & slippers there are shower facilities , a toilet and a vanity area with facial lotions ,moistursing lotions ,cotton wool ,towels & hair dryers .

The Treatment rooms are also fabulous , very dim lighting with just a glow light above your head that changes colour throughout your treatment ,wonderful relaxing music playing that will send you into oblivion and beyond .

But if your like me and are a sucker for detail you will notice as your face down on the bed relaxing that there’s a clear glass circle with lavender placed inside it on the floor below .

What an amazing detail ,they really have put great thought into the spa.It is dark wood around the whole spa with water flowing and trickling around you in the relaxation area .Beautiful loungers with pillows and large towels to curl up in and plenty of magazines to read as you sit back and further chill while sipping your raspberry tea ,eating your divine sorbet & then nibbling into the buttery homemade shortbread heart shaped biscuit before munching into the final piece of heaven the jumbo strawberry which has a little mini Tuxedo on seriously it has & it is done in White & Dark Chocolate .

My mouth is watering at the thought of it yum..yum..

Its got tiny buttons on it and everything .

Another fine detail which they have thought of at the Sundari spa.

And if the experience wasnt fabulous enough, you then head upstairs to the bar to have a divine lunch which is included in the package.

I have gone back so many times since and love it there I always feel totally spoilt and pampered when I visit it’s the ultimate place for a spa experience .

Here is me receiving The Lovely Neem Healing Gift set which I won on a Facebook competition from the Spa Manager Lisa.

To all the wonderful staff at The Sundari Spa in The Plaza Hotel I take my hat off to ye its a wonderful haven of peace and tranquility and I will continue to come back as often as my bank balance allows and rave about it to everyone . Lots of my friends have been there with me and also love it .

If you would like a recommendation on a treatment to choose just ask I have tried quiet a few .

Please feel free to leave a comment below .

Until next time my Beautiful Things

Yours Truly The Spa Queen XxX


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