Where is my mind?: What's In My Bag - Linky #whatsinmybag

So the lovely Sara from ” Where is my Mind ?”  Blog kindly asked me to join in the #WhatsInMyBag post.

Firstly I carry way too much in my handbag & that’s probably why I get a lot of shoulder pain which in turn leads to my migraines .

So let’s get stuck in , firstly my lovely bag is a tan JIMMY CHOO Bag  from Thailand which my mother in law kindly brought home too me !Its a bag with another little bag inside ,so handy.And comes with along detachable strap . Also a tiny little change or card  purse which can be looped onto the inner strap of bag excellent idea .


The contents of my handbag are as follows :


This is my purse with all my cards ,cash & change & a photo of my kids inside.I bought this a few years ago in River Island in London.Still love it .I get very attached to a purse and this is only my second one ever ! Of course I have little ones that I use on nights out but just for cash only ,I never bring my proper purse out .


Rumleys Open Farm tickets as we went for a visit yesterday with the 3 kids , (fourth kid went to study) they loved it but the rain hampered the full tour around so we promised em that we will go back real soon.


Here we have receipts, a shopping list written on the back of some cereal box. A tissue,mini card or change purse a pack of hair clips and a MultiCentre Gift Card that I have yet to spend .


The entire contents , this is pretty good as there’s usually twice as much in there .

A comb as it’s always important to keep the hair in check !

CYMEX cream as I suffer quiet a bit from cold sores I usually have this in the handbag.

A pen you never know who you might meet and a pen is always handy !

Vaseline an essential item for me I have a pot in every bag ,as I also have dry lips.

Botanics deeply moisturising hand cream I also can’t live without handcream & have one in every bag ,my locker & the car ! (really loving this one at the moment)

A lollipop as a weapon to avoid meltdown ,its amazing the power of candy ! (keep one it the bag in case of emergencies)Moms will understand.

Clinique  superbalm moisturizing gloss in 09 Currant ,I love Clinique and these superbalms with a hint of colour are gorgeous !

Clinique again & its a Chubby Stick these are also fab and twist up like a twistable crayon ,super hydrating ,creamy and wont get damaged in your handbag. (02 whole lotta honey).

And most importantly my phone which would be in my bag if I were going anywhere I couldn’t leave home without it!

There you have the contents of my handbag

Hope you enjoyed it

Until next time

My beautiful Things XxX


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