5 Things That You Know You’re Home #IrishBlogCollaboration

Hello my Beautiful things,

Welcome to the last posting in the wonderful #IrishBlogCollaboration.Its been a truly wonderful experience working alongside such talent in Blogging. Most of the ladies obviously more experienced than me but they have taken me in as one of their own and encouraged me along the way. I am truly grateful for being part of a fabulous collaboration . Hoping to partake in more along the way !

So 5 things that you know you’re home ?

  1. The “SMELL” is one thing that always hits me the second I enter my front door. Every house has a certain smell and its a comforting smell . So I always inhale “HOME” deeply whilst standing like a jackass in the hall with the kids screaming move Mom , come on Mom where’s my charger …can I go on the internet blaa bla bla …followed by me saying God its nice to be Home .
  2. The auld saying of “Home is where the heart is” . Well to me HOME is where my family are and if my kids & hubby are with me then that’s HOME to me. Not the building around us ,don’t get me wrong its lovely to have nice things and a comfy house but my own family are everything to me & those 5 people MAKE it HOME to me.
  3. The smell of freshly baked  apple pie,scones,queen cakes or brown bread are another lovely comforting reminder of home .I fondly remember my Grandmother always baking on a saturday morning to provide enough for the week ahead and the smell as you enter a HOME filled with Homebaking. A tradition I have carried on in my own home and I hope my kids will also have the love of baking like me and my Grandmother before me.
  4. Tea is another great one .Where would we be without a cup a tay ? It solves all problems , makes us feel better & we always welcome someone into our HOME with a cup a tea . I probably drink far too much tea & I am one of those people who leaves the teabag in the cup .Yes ! you may gasp in disgust but I like it so strong that you could trot a mouse through it !!!!
  5. The kitchen table ! Is another one . I know I’m HOME when I sit down, usually around the kitchen table. We cry , laugh,and discuss the world and its mother around the kitchen table! If you enter the front door of my house,its kettle on for the tea and lets all sit around the kitchen table with the smell of home baking hanging in the air … you can just about smell the homemade scones wafting up your nostrils now as the tea brews in the pot on the kitchen table and you gaze lovingly at the fluffy whipped cream & ogle the raspberry jam .Better stop I am making myself hungry ….

So there you have it, my 5 things that you know you’re home when ?

A little sample of my Home baked goodies !
My wonderful family & me.
My wonderful family & me.

And if you ever call over for a cuppa, I shall do a little baking as a warm welcome into my HOME !

Until next time ,

My Beautiful Things ,

Yours truly the homemade teabag XxX

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2 thoughts on “5 Things That You Know You’re Home #IrishBlogCollaboration

  1. Lovely, and all so true…though I’m a coffee drinker instead of tea. You’d love my Nana’s tea, it’s like tar lol.
    We sat around our table this evening, me, my hubby and our 5 kids eating scones 🙂


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