Body Shapes

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Hope your well and enjoying the dry weather in June ! (dry & not very warm aah)

I am totally loving my course , I am training to be a stylist & personal shopper , in the Tiger Training Academy Cork. My course tutor is the lovely Natasha Crowley, & I have learnt so much from her in the past few weeks .There is lots of hands on experience,helping out on fashion shows  and bridal events etc. Anyways, in college last week we covered Body Shapes & how to style them !

It’s a tough one isn’t it ? A lot of people are uncertain of their body shape and hence do not dress correctly for their shape. Firstly let me tell you the six basic body shapes

  1. Rectangle
  2. The Wedge
  3. Full or Apple
  4. The hourglass
  5. The Pear
  6. The Diamond

That is the six body shapes covered so lets begin

The Rectangle – celebrities like Keira Knightley/Alexa Chung .They are straight up and down and do not have a clearly defined waist.Men also fall into this catercory.Shoulders, hips and waist are the same size / slightly smaller waist for woman.The key for dressing female rectangles is that you give the illusion of curves by defining the waist and drawing attention to their best features elsewhere.

With this body shape we can add lots of accessories

Bright & eye catching colours

Layering fitted clothes

A good push up bra to lift up your chest

Keep waist trim at the same time,nipped in jackets at the waist will help to add definition

Belts are an essential / dark colours are best

Scoop neck/sweetheart & bustier dresses are also great

The wedge- celebrities like Renee Zellweger/ Angelina Jolie

Shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip-line.You may have strong-looking shoulders and your body image may project a sporty & athletic physique.The Wedge often has great legs & your hips look straight given your being broad you have little or no waist definition.

With this body type we need to create curves around your bottom.

Bold colour skirts,full skirts Circle skirts ,ruffles ,tiers all suit this shape.

Nipped jackets ,top & sweaters

Bootcut ,flare & wide leg pants are fabulous

Soften the shoulders with drapey fabrics, or weighty fabrics ,wide straps , collarless shirts , no shoulder pads & unbuttoned cardis all look good.

The Apple- celebrities such as Catherine zeta jones/Jessica Simpson

Apple shaped ladies carry weight around the mid-section & the chest,your rib-cage and back appear somewhat wide.You may have wide or fleshy shoulders  but probably have fabulous legs & boobs.Your waist line is undefined or you may have a little waist definition your hips are narrow,however if you are small chested you may carry most of your weight around your midriff

You need to trim the waist.Use dark coloured wide belts.Clothes that skim over your mid-section but nip in right below your bust ,empire lines,long tops,tunic shirts are all good.Lift your chest and make your waist look trimmer.So invest in a good bra and go get expert help in this department , as it makes all the difference wearing the correct bra.

Add volume and structure to your hips .Prints,full skirts,bias cuts are all great for your body type. Shapewear especially waist cinchers will do the trick.

The Hourglass – celebrities such as Scarlett Johanson/Kelly Brook

The Hourglass hip-line and bust-line are the same width.The waist is defined,but when you gain weight the fat usually stores evenly throughout your well proportioned curves.

Sarah Mimms | Just another weblog

Avoid anything stiff that makes you look boxy.Invest in clothes and accessories that accentuate your proportioned body figure by using your waist as a focal point.Waist accentuating details;voluminous skirts including the bottom of dresses full or tulip skirts because they make your waist look even smaller.A-line & pencil skirts will also look flattering on you.

Nipped waist tops,dresses and jackets

Dark coloured belts wrapped around the narrowest part of your waist

Soft fabrics,knits and drapey silk blends as well as fabric with a bit of stretch will really accentuate & compliment(flow with)your curves.

V-necks /low-neck lines are all great.Your curvy hourglass body shape needs this slimming neckline,especially if your well endowed.

The Pear- celebrity shapes such as JLo/Kim Kardashian & ME

The Pear body shape means that your hips,thighs and butt are your bodies centre stage.Your shoulders are narrow and may be sloped.Given your bigger lower body,your waist is defined & your legs are likely full or muscular.If your a curvaceous pear you are bigger/wider/fuller side of your hips /thighs/bum & legs compared to the rest of your body.

The pear needs to create curves on top.Wear anything that visually adds more weight to your shoulders and bust area and brings attention to your upper body.

Boat neck or straight styles suit.

Light ,white, light pinks are all flattering

Bright and bold colours reds,orange,electric blue look fab on you

Stripes , polka dots,Sequin,Zippers,large collars lapels & other eye catching embellishments

Bell and kimono sleeves

Bust enhancing necklines such as bustier and sweetheart neck lines are great

A good push-up bra

Scarves , scarves,scarves !!!

And last but not least THE DIAMOND – celebrities such as Beyoncé/Oprah

Diamond shapes are opposite of an hourglass figure.The waist is thicker than the shoulders and hips.Dressing a diamond shape is best done with clothing that creates balance.Adding volumne to your shoulders and hips as well as fitted clothing at the waist creates perfect balance.Promoting flattering lines that are easy on the eye.

You need mild shoulder pads

Clothes that slim down the midriff

Tops that flare out like an upside down V

Dark bottoms/simple/no pockets work best on diamonds

Knee length pencil skirts are very flattering

There you have it all six body shapes covered. Hope this helps in some way ,if you’re the type of lady who struggles with body shape & how best to dress to flatter your figure .All that’s left for you to do is go shopping !

Another few weeks & hopefully I will be a fully qualified Stylist & Personal Shopper & could have the total pleasure of trawling the shops picking you that perfect outfit !!!!

Sounds dreamy doesn’t it ?

Until next time ,

My Beautiful Things XxX


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