Studio Time

My Princess
My Princess

We decided to get our photographs taken before my daughters First Holy Communion as it takes the worry and hassle out of trying to organise everyone on the day ,when all you really want to do is relax and enjoy it ! I looked around and got a few different prices on a Communion package and then decided to go with David McCarthy Photography Fermoy,best value around. Dave was excellent and put everyone at ease straight away .The studio had two rooms one at the front for viewing his work and seeing whats on offer. Next the studio itself, where there was plenty of room for all of us, six in total. Clodagh absolutely loved the camera and loved posing & smiling, watch out Americas next top Model ! Dave shot lots of different poses and styles &  added in props and really captured my children beautifully. He listened if I made a suggestion or wanted a different backdrop or suggested we do something differently . This is what you want in a good photographer, someone who knows their stuff,  a good people person & is good with kids . As the saying goes, the two hardest things to work with are kids & animals . Dave can capture both extraordinarily well. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a great photographer. He was very quick to email on the photos afterwards which came in a slide show format with lovely background music, a beautiful touch I thought. We could also share our photos with family and friends via Facebook  & other social media sites if we so choose to. Here are some of my personal favourites.


My wonderful family & me.
My wonderful family & me.

It was Clodaghs special day and she really loved it. I think it was the fact that it was kept so simple that made it wonderful,relaxed and enjoyable for all ! I did go crazy & splash out for Clodagh and myself to have a lady come to the house and have our hair done, but that was about it. Everyone was chilled & we didn’t have the worry of trying to get photos, if they happened then great and if not, no hassle. We went to the school hall after the mass, where we had tea ,minerals and cakes,which the parents of next years communion class organise .Then we headed to Cork to have a splendid meal in Greenes Restaurant. Clodagh & Faye loved the little waterfall there & had lots of fun running in and out  its such a nice setting and the meal was to die for ! Highly recommend the beef slow roasted for 16 hours and melts in your mouth. Here are a few of our own photos on the day itself.

Heres the link for Greenes –

A very serious dicussion on what we were going to have for dessert !
A very serious discussion on what we were going to have for dessert !

wpid-20150523_165222.jpg wpid-20150523_144946.jpg

It was a wonderful day filled with memories ,captured forever in our hearts & in our photos !

Ps (Clodagh decided she wanted a trip to Rumley’s Animal Farm as her treat ,so we did that the following saturday)

Until next time

My Beautiful Things XxX


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