This is an Award given by Bloggers to new Bloggers a great way to support and reward your own !

I was so taken aback when I received the message from Ciara telling me that she had nominated me and my little blog for the Liebster Award! Huge heartfelt thank you to Ciara for the nomination.  I never dreamed that I would ever be even thought of or considered for such an award. The simple fact that people are actually taking time to read some of my posts is reward enough, as I don’t feel I am in that league yet, maybe I never will be. But god loves a tryer and thats exactly what I am and if I try my hand at something I give it 110% and nothing less, slightly OCD and a bit of a perfectionist if im honest anyway WOW and please check out Ciaras wonderful blog here;   http://foodfashionandthefight.ie/liebster-blogger-award-nomination/

So Fellow Bloggers here are the rules

1. Post the award on your blog – Done !
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog – Done & my pleasure to do so!
3. Answer the 11 questions that the nominator has asked
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award
5. Provide your 11 nominees with a list of questions you would like to know about them

What has been the highlight of being a Blogger?

Meeting some wonderful people and chatting online, getting lots of support and encouragement and then finally meeting those people and calling them my friends. Hope it continues.

What is the key piece of advice you would pass onto a new blogger?

I would tell them to be themselves, do not try to be anything else a false persona is just being dis honest with yourself and others. Write from the heart !

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as Chic, Colourful, Glam. Not sure if I actually am all of those things but I love my Fashion and always feel better when I look good!

What is your cannot live without makeup item?

I don’t wear makeup everyday and could possibly live without it. Thats funny coming from a MUA , but true. Others may say I need it (who cares) ! So if I must choose I would say concealer.

What would your last meal be?

Good question I love my food, it would have to be the BEEF from GREENES RESTAURANT on McCurtain street it is to die for.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I was encouraged once by my friend Marie saying I would be great at it. But I though gosh I couldn’t possibly do that. So I started my Facebook pg firstly BeautifulThings and the response was good so I decided what the heck lets give it a lash, the rest is history as they say. So big thank you Marie XxX.

What has been the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I have ever received is the advice I gave myself and that’s, do what makes you HAPPY. Life has shown me some S–T and I have learnt to do so much on my own and to grow into the person I have become today. So listen to your inner voice and be Happy. My motto in life and another nugget of advice is that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”, this is so true believe me …

Where has been your favourite place in the world you have visited and why?

Thailand is my most favourite place it is so beautiful. We stayed in a little place called Chang Dao Nest for 3 days while in Thailand and it was like a little piece of paradise, tranquil and so serene.  With wonderful food and wonderful people.

Our accommadation was a Bamboo hut, where we were lulled to sleep by the loudest crickets and creatures I have ever heard in my whole life. As dawn was breaking we woke to hear the buddhist monks chanting in morning prayer. It is a jungle paradise.We will go back some day.

What are your top five lifestyle tips

Spending quality time with family, hubby, partner, kids, loved ones.

Healthy eating with a little treat every now and again.

Exercise is so important for mind and body.

Make sure to allow the time to pursue the things that make you happy, #ME TIME.

It’s always good to be open to new things learn something new, enrol in that course you’ve always wanted to do, don’t have regrets and don’t be afraid to try new things.

What are the 3 items in your wardrobe you would never give up?

Skinny jeans, dress, blazer.

What has been your most inspiring moment or person in life?

I would have to say my Uncle  TOM LEAHY. At two weeks old Tom had an operation for a twisted gut, during the operation he was starved of oxygen and acquired Cerebral palsy. But Tom has a steely determination and went on to compete for his Country. In no less than eight Paralympic Games and ten world championship competitions, not to mention World cups, European Championships and various national competitions, winning 15 gold, 13 silver and four bronze medals at World and European level. Tom is also an amazing artist. Toms secret is the more you achieve, the more confidence you have. If you do one little bit every day, no matter how small, it counts. Then you constantly build on that. Uncle Tom you’re a LEDGEND an INSPIRATION and a HERO.XxX.

It was unbelievable hard to pick 11 but here we go, and the nominations are

  1. Food Fashion and theFight
  2. I believe in Romeo
  3. Dee-Termined to Glam and Glo
  4. Lilliwhiterose
  5. Where is my Mind
  6. Fashion Stylists
  7. Lipglossaddict
  8. Pretty Purple Polka Dots
  9. Leanmeanmomma
  10. Blather and Beauty
  11. The Simply Homemade Mum

My 11 questions are as follows:

  1. If you could spend a week on a desert island with one celebrity who would it be and why?
  2. Name one thing you have always wanted to do but never did?
  3. What’s your favourite flower?
  4. Name your favourite love song?
  5. If your home went on fire and you could only grab one thing what would it be and why?
  6. What is the best book you have ever read?
  7. Would you age gracefully or get Botox, fillers etc
  8. What do you do to relax?
  9. What was your favourite holiday to date and why?
  10. Did you enjoy school and who was your favourite teacher?
  11. If you could only ever wear jeans or dresses for the rest of time which would you choose?

There you have it ladies, just follow the rules above and let the people you nominate know you’ve nominated them.

The best of luck to all nominees ,

Till next time,

My Beautiful Things XxX

Yours truly a LIEBSTER NONINEE yahoo !!!!



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