Liebster Award

Hello my Beautiful Things

Yet another Liebster Award nomination, (3 times) I am beyond stupefied, to think that people actually go and take the time out from their busy day to read my little Blog is hard to comprehend. I am a newbie and really only learning the ropes. My hubby said to me as he read my second nomination blog post, ” You are so good at writing down your feelings and emotions “, I ll take that compliment thanks babe ! I write my blog as it makes me happy & is something that gives me great pleasure, the fact that others enjoy it also is a delight.

A massive thank you to Jennifer from “The Life And Style of Jen” for her kind nomination and please go check her fab blog here:http://thelifeandstyleofjen.blogspot.ie/2015/06/liebster-award-post.html

Here are the nominees I have chosen already:

  1. Food Fashion and the Fight
  2. I believe in Romeo
  3. Dee-Termined to Glam and Glo
  4. Lilliwhiterose
  5. Where is my Mind
  6. Fashion Stylists
  7. Lipglossaddict
  8. Pretty Purple Polka Dots
  9. Leanmeanmomma
  10. Blather and Beauty
  11. The Simply Homemade Mum

Here comes the fun bit I love answering questions:

1. Who or what influences your blog?

I influence my own Blog, it is my baby and I will write about what appeals to me and things I feel passionate about !

2. What’s your must have beauty product?

Well I don’t wear make up every day, even though I probably need it at my age. Filling in the cracks eh! Concealer for under my eyes if I had to choose a product.

3. Favourite social network site to use for your blog?

Oh social media the mind boggles, twits – ville  I am pressing buttons like a three year old and hoping for the best. Instagram I love it’s all photos & to me photographs tell a story without words. Snapchat I have heard my teenage son on about and presume it’s for the young ones. Facebook is nice and easy I can handle Facebook it doesn’t scare the be jesus out of me. Sorry for the ramble INSTAGRAM would be a favourite.

4. What grinds your gears?

Stupid drivers, those machines in the shops where you scan you messages, and the lady with the irritating voice who says SCAN YOUR NEXT ITEM ….aah… shop assistants who don’t give you the time of day and don’t HAND you your change even when your hand is stretched out in front of them aah!!!! Two faced People, Crumbs crumbs everywhere I hate crumbs.  People who are not Loyal ! I have a really long list better stop before ye think I am a maniac.

5. Worst fashion faux pas?

I don’t think I have had a fashion faux pas yet ! (I’m a stylist in training I can’t afford to have a faux pas lol)

I do remember wearing a baseball top and basketball boots when I was a teenager if that counts!

6. Best piece of advice for your 17-year-old self?

Be confident, do the things you always wanted to do and never listen to the doubters, the negative remarks, live your life for you as you only get one chance at it. TRAVEL, HAVE FUN, & TRAVEL . And remember Things happen for a REASON.

7. What’s the best holiday you’ve been on?

Thailand is my most favourite place it is so beautiful. We stayed in a little place called Chang Dao Nest for 3 days while in Thailand and it was like a little piece of paradise, tranquil and so serene.  With wonderful food and wonderful people.

Our accommodation was a Bamboo hut, where we were lulled to sleep by the loudest crickets and creatures I have ever heard in my whole life. As dawn was breaking we woke to hear the buddhist monks chanting in morning prayer. It is a jungle paradise.We will go back some day.

Our Bamboo hut in Chang Dao Nest, Thailand
Our Bamboo hut in Chang Dao Nest, Thailand

8. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

In the garden with my hubby chatting enjoying a cold refreshment while the kids play. Being thankful for what we have.

9. One piece of advice for a new blogger?

Be true to yourself & if you enjoy it keep doing it.

10. Favourite high street shop and best purchase from there?

H&M, I love this shop you always see something you want to buy when you go in there. I love my vintage inspired skirt and my red dress.

Little H&M number
Little H&M number


11. Your most embarrassing moment?

Oh that’s a hard question, the first thing that springs to mind is crying after the last 10 miler I did. I was aiming for a PR and didn’t achieve it as it was not my day, but hey I ran every mile so well done me.

That is me done and dusted enjoy and best of luck to all the nominees,

Until next time my Beautiful Things

Yours Truly an ecstatic third time Liebster Award  Nominee XxX


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