Vintage Belle Wexford


I stumbled across this beautiful vintage store in Wexford a few weeks back. It drew me in like a little kid to a sweet shop! The colour, the fabrics, the history its like being invited into WILLIE WONKAS CHOCOLATE FACTORY #MegaExciting  but in a clothes shop way!  I love vintage and sometimes think I should have been born in the 50s .

Such a beautiful Red Dress
Love this 50s Swing Skirt
Love this 50s Swing Skirt

There is something quite wonderful and magical about making a vintage purchase not only have you invested in something new for yourself but you have also a piece of history. Picture it a 50s swing skirt that once swished across some ballroom floor trying hard to impress the gent in the tweed suit and dapper waistcoat as your eyes catch each others gaze briefly, you then turn to see him as he exhales his cigarette smoke into the clammy night air.



Here is just a selection of the impressive stock on offer at Vintage Belle https://www.facebook.com/VintageBelleClothes

Just picture this stunning Wedding Gown with a Crystal encrusted Birdcage fascinator,  a vintage hairdo and a stunning red lip !

Stunning 1950s Wedding Dress.
Stunning Original 1950s Wedding Dress. Cost 550.00 Immaculate condition & a beautiful weight to the fabric.

You get the picture. Stunning elegant and timeless. You don’t have to spend 2,000 plus on a wedding dress to look amazing on your big day. Think about how many times you have worn your wedding dress since ???? I only wore mine once I would much prefer to put my money into my Honeymoon or house ! But each to their own and all that.

I am a lover of old and Beautiful Things. Vintage babe I am . What about you ?

Until next time,

My Beautiful Things XxX


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