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Thanks so much to Genevieve Isabella Smith for tagging me to do this post. If you fancy finding out a little more about me carry on reading !

1. What is your favourite dessert

Ah this is hard as I love desserts. I  look at the desserts on the menu before reading the rest. I love a nice creme brulee or Tiramisu.

2. Do you have a favourite author?

I don’t have a favourite author. I love reading all kinds of books, I tend to read true stories and autobiographies. Currently reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, love it.

3. Your go to shade of lipstick?

It would have to be “TWIG” by Mac I wore it on my wedding day and really love the colour. But Mac lippies can be pricey & my make-up stash is not humongous (4 kids eat up the cash). So a great dupe for it is NYX  Thalia or a slightly lighter shade but still very similar is 02 Whole lotta honey Chubby stick by Clinique.


4. A place you have yet to visit, but would love to go on holiday to?

When I win the lotto, I will travel the world. But I can’t complain as I have travelled to a lot of wonderful places.

So a place yet to visit on holidays would be Rome with my hubby.

5. Your favourite dinner to make/ or have made for you?

Well I don’t LOVE cooking, and as my hubby was a chief for well over 10 years, I love when he makes me beef bourguignon or a fillet steak with the most amazing pepper sauce, actually anything he cooks is delicious. It’s  even better when I don’t have to cook it !

6. Your favourite movie/ TV series?

Favourite so hard to pick just one I do love “TITANIC” and I have watched it several times over , I adore the clothes from that era. I also loved “LOVE/HATE “.

Image result for images of rose in titanic movieImage result for images of rose in titanic movieImage result for images of rose in titanic movieImage result for images of rose in titanic movie

7. Where were you born?

I was born in the Erinville hospital Cork & that’s where I also gave birth to my first-born child.

8. What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to be a Clothes designer, an artist & then a hairdresser ! I did hairdressing as a job for a while but discovered it wasn’t really for me or maybe it was just where I was working at the time! I cut my families hair all the time.

9. Your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Nearly hitting the local priest in the head with a soccer ball ! I was mortified.

10. Why did you choose your blog’s name?

I chose the name TheBeautmum as Beautiful Things was taken, but have it as my Facebook name.

I tag the following 10 Bloggers:

Here are my 10 questions:

  1. Where did you have your first kiss ?
  2. If you could pick a male celebrity to have a date with who would it be & why ?
  3. What was your first car ?
  4. Did you pass your driving test first time ?
  5. Which would you choose for a night out a comedy night/live band ?
  6. What is your size shoe ?
  7. Chocolate or alcohol ?
  8. Open fire or heating ?
  9. What do you do to relax ?
  10. What would be your perfect night out ?

Hope you have gotten to know me a little better & I look forward to reading all yer answers !

Until the next time

My Beautiful Things XxX



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