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wpid-2015-07-20_15.14.33.jpgI started running 3 years ago this May. I never liked running, I looked at runners and thought WHY  on earth would you run. I am a walker and would walk for miles. Then “Couch to five K”, series of races began in my local town and I said that might be fun. So began my training 2/3 weeks before the first race, gentle jogging up and down my road. I thought this will be easy enough. It nearly killed me, that might be a slight exaggeration but it was tougher than I expected. When I got tired I walked a bit and then ran a bit. Three times a week I did this and the distance was only 2 miles each time.

Image result for images of exhausted runner

Race day arrived and I did it. I ran more than I walked and felt proud when I crossed the finish line.Exhausted & tomatoe faced but I did it. I was not last which was a big fear. I met up with an old school buddy at that first race and we got chatting and reminiscing. I discovered that there was a meet & train group in my local village and my friend had already been out training with them, she asked me to come along. I was delighted and couldn’t wait for the first Meet&Train session.

Wensday evening and off I went. Filled with nerves and anticipation of what lay ahead! But everyone was really friendly and encouraging and we began our couch to five k training programme. Running a little and then walking and running again until we got up to running the 5k without stopping.  I have a great determination and really got a buzz from achieving the programme. It was not just the buzz I got from running but the friendship the laughs the chance to whine about my day or if the kids were driving me crazy an escape. Simply things like that.


I am a stay at home Mom and also mind kids in my own home. As much as I love what I do it can make your brain go to mush and you do at times crave adult interaction. So running to me was a saving grace.

It’s hard to write these words as now it seems like a lifetime ago but I felt:

Lost , lonely, and like I had lost a little bit of myself. When you’re at home all day everyday and minding kids its hard to get out and meet people and sometimes its easier to stay put and get on with it. For me that had gone on long enough, something had to give!


Kilworth Meet & Train
Kilworth Meet & Train

Karen Kenny is the lovely lady who started this group. Giving up her free time to whip us lot into shape. Seriously for Karen it is a passion & she is like a proud Mom watching us all progress & achieve our running goals.  Kilworth Meet & Train is going strong to this day ! I owe Karen so much she has given me more than a love for running she has given me back my ” LIFE” , and for that I am truly grateful. She is an inspiration and has encouraged me to strive for more, to go that extra mile, to have faith in my own ability. I have run loads of races & am most proud of the two Mallow10 mile races & the Killarney10 mile race. But also having run two half marathons one in Clonmel & the other in Waterford.

My first half marathon in Clonmel with my Meet  Train buddies
My first half marathon in Clonmel with my Meet & Train buddies

I have some amazing friends now who would do anything for me and have and you know who you are and I love you dearly. I have a social life again which is great and I am doing things and going places all because of RUNNING. Spa days and weekends away are all part of the Meet & Train ethos you know!

I have run 5k ,7k , 4 miles , various distances in between. I have run three 10 mile races and two half marathons to date. I continue to run three/four times a week and could not imagine ever stopping. I sometimes walk places and be thinking in my head “If I ran I could get there faster”.

There is a fun side to running
There is a fun side to running

What is next on my running agenda ? Keep watching to find out.

Until next time

My beautiful Things XxX


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