So I am going to run a MARATHON !

I'm a runner baby !
I’m a runner baby !

Yes, some might think me crazy but I am going to run the Dublin marathon in October. Training has begun. It means four days a week are taken up with running. One being a long run on the weekend! I realise it’s a serious business when I ran 12 miles on friday evening. That is the start of some serious mileage ….


I have slightly changed my exercise routine as running the extra day is time-consuming & as mileage increases, there has to be a little give somewhere. So I have dropped my usually 250 sit-ups on the exercise ball everyday along with 30 reverse crunches plus 30 left & right oblique crunches & just do 60 reverse crunches and 30 oblique crunches on the left & right side.

Funny Running Pictures | Running Humor

Don’t think I am doing it for fun but it is on my bucket list before the big birthday arrives !!!!! I am certain I will enjoy most parts of the 26.2 miles. It will be a physical & a mental challenge which I look forward to & I know I will never regret doing it. As it will change my Life & knowing only 1% of the population ever run a marathon spurs me on even more.

Marathon Gratitude via @Rachel Steffen I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life!

Follow me on my journey & I will do a post each week on progress, mood, nutrition & any other pieces of info  regarding how my training is going.

This weekend’s 12mile run went very well & I really enjoyed it. If you want a laugh watch the video clip below.

There you have it my Beautiful Things

Yours Truly TheBeautmum in serious training mode…..


4 thoughts on “So I am going to run a MARATHON !

    1. Hi Laura, Thanks so much. Been crazy busy lately and was on holidays for two weeks, but managed two 5k runs while away. Straight back to training now and will do a post as soon as I can on progress so far ! Ease yourself back in gently and you will find the love for running given time. x

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