My Fushia Pink Skirt

I have had so many compliments & so many people asking me where I got my Fushia pink full circle skirt ?

So here it is folks!

I wore it for my daughters First Holy Communion in May. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted for the day but when I went in search of the skirt I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere!

chic navy stripes and a pretty pink skirt
Inspo pics from Pinterest

Late Afternoon

It’s so frustrating when you know exactly what you want but can’t find it…one skirt came pretty close it was from H&M but when I tried it on it disappointed me.

So I had a brain wave check out how much it would cost to get one made ! It actually cost less than a lot of skirts I saw in the shops & it was custom-made just for me in exactly the right colour, shape, fit & the best bit with a little tulle underneath & pockets !!!! #loveit

Here is the wonderful ” Chez de Paor” in my hometown of Fermoy.


Check it out right here:

#OOTD My Daughters Holy Communion.
My Daughters Holy Communion.
My Wonderful family x
My Wonderful family x
It's got pockets yipee !!!
It’s got pockets yipee !!!
#OOTN at The #Cloggers Event.
#OOTN For the #Cloggers Event.
#Cloggers Inaugural Event.
#Cloggers Inaugural Event Cork

There you have it I have worn my beautiful custom-made skirt twice now. Value for money eh ! The stripy long sleeve fine knit top was from H&M and cost 29.99. The second look I wore a black cropped lace highneck top from Swamp which cost 29.99. If your apprehensive about wearing a crop top don’t be as the full skirts are so high-waisted that the crop top meets the waistband perfectly. I wouldn’t be wearing the top with my skinny jeans lol those days are long gone !!!! Belly top it aint . Audrey Hepburn/ Grace Kelly is more the vintage vibe I was going for.

Sheila de Paor is the owner and seamstress at ” Chez de Paor” Fermoy , specialising in Bridal and occasion wear.

Tallow businesswoman Sheila de Paor who has opened up a new bridal and special occasion wear shop at Market Square, Fermoy.

Sheila began sewing at the tender age of 14, and has never looked back. She is a wonderful lady with a gift creating bespoke pieces that will last generations. Re-vamping older pieces, for instance Sheila cut up her own wedding dress and made christening gown   & a holy communion dress for her children & grandchildren . How magical to once wear your wedding dress and then to see the same material transformed into a christening gown for your children/grandchildren it would warm anyone’s heart the sentimentality attached to the gown is like nothing you can get in the shops today . To me that is so special and the majority of us have our dresses packed away in a box somewhere in the attic never to be seen again. Cut it up make a christening gown , communion dress hell you might even get an occasion dress from the left overs for yourself !

Sheila on her wedding day ! #Stunning
Christening gown made from Shelias dress.
The Christening gown made from Sheila wedding dress.

Here are a sample of some of the amazing creations by Sheila:

Holy communion dress
Debs dress
Debs dress

Shelia is currently transforming her upstairs bridal room  which I cant wait to see ! I might go back for a look & even try some stunning gowns on cause ? I want to be a princess lol !

Until next time

My beautiful Things XxX

Always be stylish …..


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