Marathon Training Week 13

rHello all,

Still on schedule with the training. It is starting to get tough as the miles increase ! Last saturday we did our long run which was 18 miles and OMG what a long time too be running. I enjoyed it up to about mile10 but after that we hit a hill no sorry let me re-phrase that a F—-n Mountain which went on for about 20mins . Half way up that hill I died yes indeed I could feel the strength go from my legs and I had to fast walk a little and have a chat to myself. It was a very hilly route from mile 10 to 13/14 mile mark and mentally as well as physically I struggled.


It is amazing how emotional one can get when they hit the wall or maybe that’s just me. I stopped at our water drop and had a good drink as I felt slightly light-headed. It was a battle of wills from there to the finish. I actually talked to myself saying come on you can do this, keep it together, your nearly home, the hard part is over ! Think there was a salty tear drop also … but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it !

It was all down hill after that and usually I love that but it didn’t feel like a down hill it felt like pain ! I was told that at stages of the marathon you will hit highs and lows but it’s just to remember that it will pass. It had been an extremely busy and stressful week for me so I think that definitely affected my running. I have enjoyed every training run up till this point. I am so proud of myself for running 18 miles and no one can do it for you but you. Each step painful or not was worth the feeling at the end. I kept going most of the day so my muscles wouldnt seize up and we treated ourselves to a takeout curry. Then went for a very gentle walk to loosen the legs. I slept like a baby that night I can tell ya.


Food wise we are eating more carbs and drinking more water , and eating a few treats for extra calories and energy. When we are running such big mileage your body needs more fuel.



Until next time,

Yours truly the lady with no spare time cause I’m always running XxX


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