Marathon Training week 14


Hello everyone,

Well this week’s training has gone pretty well. Monday evening was 5miles and Wensday was 8 miles but due to a terrible mind-blowing migraine I couldn’t run,I managed to get out and walk a few miles instead, I did the 8 miles Thursday and skipped out on Friday’s run (gentle walk instead) as we were running 20 miles on Saturday morning.

I must admit I have been bad to drink my 2/3 litres of water everyday this week and I think it affected me ever so slightly on the long run. It is so important to be well prepared when undertaking such training. The slightest change can have a big effect on you for example changing running clothes as chaffing from mile 10 to 20 with salty sweatyness burning your raw skin isn’t the nicest feeling in the world. I forgot to grease up (vaseline) around my sports bra underarm area and the pain. I will not be making that mistake again.


I have been eating a lot more pasta all week and always the evening before the long saturday  run. Lots of bananas are being consumed and green veg for iron.  Eating more bananas may help improve your running performance. Running requires the body to convert stored energy into fuel. Runners have increased needs for certain vitamins such as B6, require greater calorie intake, and must replace electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium lost because of sweating. Bananas naturally contain these essential nutrients make a good snack for runners before or after a run.

On the long run I wear what I will run in on Marathon day, I grease up with lots of  vaseline and wear 1000mile socks and I run in my favourites Asics gel trainers. I load my running belt with Isogels and jelly babies and water.


With the migraine during the week it affected my neck and shoulders so I was quiet sore and stiff in that area. By mile15/16 I really felt the pain in my neck, shoulder area and slowed from then to mile 20 plus. Slightly light-headed and maybe little dehydrated I was in pain for the finish, but thrilled to have run 33.16k. I bought some Radox muscle soak & Epson salts sunday and had a long hot bath but I have made an appointment with my sports therapist  so will keep you posted !

There’s to a new week and the final week of long runs YIPEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes this Saturday is the final long run all 22 miles of it, before tapering back starts the next week. But it will be so worth it or that is what I keep telling myself anyway. I can’t believe I have actually been able to run that far it’s strange but sometimes it’s like you’re looking at yourself from out of your body and saying Feck it where are you getting the strength, will power and stamina to keep going. I keep telling my hubby you have to be a certain type of crazy to undertake a marathon and that is why I am still going probably. Looking forward to Physio and my final long run on Saturday.


Until next time yours truly a sore but determined lady  XxX

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