Fashion Favourite’s

Hello everyone,

While browsing online I discovered a new and fabulous online shop and thought I would share with you. The Jewel Genie, stunning pieces and great prices check out some of my favourites below~:

26.00 euro
26.00 euro
22.00 euro
22.00 euro
32.00 euro
32.00 euro

They also do earrings.

12.00 euro
12.00 euro
14.00 euro
14.00 euro

With Christmas on it’s way these fab items would make a great present.

Next up is ASOS online:

image1xxl (1)image1xxl (2)image1xxlimage4xxl (1)

Online shopping is so handy and in a world where time is scarce, ladies can shop from the comfort of their own home. I love shopping online and on foot, I would shop all day  everyday if I had the opportunity.  Hope these little tasters have given you the urge to browse online ….

Until next time

My Beautiful Things

Happy shopping XxX


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