Opera Lane #Shinebright Event / Cork Fashion Week 2015

Emer o’ Mahony  Irishfashaholic one of the directors of Cork Fashion Week & I

The  Winter preview collections from Opera Lane were unveiled within a bistro environment in Market Cafe , Perry St, Cork. This beautiful building perfectly conveyed the spirit of the collection. Chic , cosmopolitan with feminine hints and edgy urban cool, elegance and sophistication. It pretty much sums up the style on the streets around Cork today, since the opening of Opera Lane we are fast becoming the fashion capital.

Perry Street Market Cafe
A shopping Mecca in Cork
Opera Lane a shopping Mecca in Cork

I felt like Coco Chanel attending a Parisian brassiere with her friends #cloggers aka The Cork Bloggers. Where elegance, great minds and gastronomy created a harmonious blend. Here are the Clogger fashionistas who attended the event.

Photographer Araon Hogan.

Photographer  Aaron Hogan.

This final event for MSL Cork Fashion Week 2015  was exclusive to press and bloggers. I had feelings of great pride sitting in my reserved seat along with my fellow cloggers. The number of Cork bloggers is  growing rapidly and this occasion was a great way to show Cork businesses/brands that this dynamic group of bloggers will create huge social media buzz for weeks to come. We are currently in discussions with several top brands for upcoming events, so watch this space !

On with the show …. as the say

Natasha Crowley Stylist/ Personal Shopper
Natasha Crowley
Stylist/ Personal Shopper

Natasha  Crowley styled the show for the final event and she did not disappoint.  Natasha is Opera Lanes resident stylist and she’s knows what each store has to offer and during your two-hour appointment she will guide you through the seasonal trends. As a qualified image consultant she can help you choose the key looks that not only suit your face and body proportions but also fit in with your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for casual wear, work wear, a whole new look or just an honest second opinion you can relax and enjoy your unique shopping experience. – See more at:

Natasha showcased all the key trends for winter which include Faux fur, velvet, gothic romance boho/70’s and a little Avant Garde tailoring and that was just the women’s. In menswear we were shown urban utility with a rustic spin from denim shirts under knitwear which oozed a laid back style.

Then a polished city slicker look with sophisticated blazers and fine knit polos and skinny trousers with modern footwear for the urban look. And from my position on the front row, I noticed a few notable trends emerge that will be filtering their way into my wardrobe over the next month or so. Enough of moi rabbiting on, that’s the stylist in me showing through, I will let you see for yourself in the images below, enjoy !

12120032_10208546753405740_5615844596180247189_o (1) 12068399_10208546753325738_5374137285643481344_o 12113445_10208546753125733_2565553568908746760_o

12094867_10208546599721898_6040075090136131480_o 11893901_10208546599841901_7083866856273066948_o 12079979_10208546599521893_7618829100090101505_o 12140991_10208546662243461_8499941549606304998_o12079979_10208546599521893_7618829100090101505_o11893901_10208546599841901_7083866856273066948_o

11224844_10208546752605720_7572719183146937860_o 12091472_10208546648763124_1715931134730447077_o (1) 12094908_10208546752805725_8718901737457642692_o 12091427_10208546747365589_5799136128484725799_o 12138580_10208546746285562_3668918640132736015_o

It was a brilliant night and I am already planning a shopping trip to Cork. Make sure you avail of the FREE personal shopper service from the wonderful Natasha Crowley stylist for Opera Lane.

Shell Fletcher, Moi & Shin Hayes.
Shell Fletcher, Moi, Shin Hayes

My outfit was a dress from a boutique in Lanzarote 20.00 euro (old). Neckpiece Zara 29.95(old). Ankle boots Newlook sale last yr for 12.00.

I  completely & utterly adore fashion and on that note  Christian Dior says it all ….


Until next time,

My Beautiful Things XxX


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