One week today to the Dublin Marathon !

Months of endless running have come and gone, and now I’m counting the days until the marathon.
I will always remember the hours of running, the sweat, tears, the early morning’s waking at 6am on a weekend to go run a ridiculous length of time, there’s always a good reason to keep on going and battle on so I can relish in the awesomeness of what I will hopefully achieve.
6am start !
6am start !

  When you train for a marathon you’re learning how to manage time, to make sacrifices for an end goal, to work towards something you may not know or believe you can accomplish. It requires a lot of dedication, optimism, hard work and a little misery to achieve. But there is a lot of joy to be had , not only in achieving your goal but in celebrating the miles clocked up along the way !


You may think that every man, woman and their dog is a marathoner, or training for a marathon or thinking about training for a marathon. In reality, the statistics are pretty amazing.


So when I cross that MARATHON finish line in Dublin, I can soak up the realisation that I am one of the 1% percent of the population to achieve the goal of running 26.2 MILES !!!!!!! And I will always be a “MARATHONER”


Until this day next week,

Your truly a tapering agitated runner XxX


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