My “WhatSalon” experience.

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I was introduced to this amazing app by a friend. WhatSalon is an APP which you download to your phone. Check it out here:

If like me you are very busy and barely have time to think about yourself, let alone to remember to book a hair appointment  for yourself. Then this app is going to change your life !

Once downloaded , I clicked into salons near by, picked a day which suited, selected a long blow-dry, picked my stylist & finally selected a time to suit me. Then I only need to pay a 2.50 booking deposit and look forward to my app.I knew I was working just a few minutes away so Darcy’s Salon was the perfect choice for me.

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I have never been in this salon and OMG it was fabulous. I walked in the door and was greeted with a smile the gent took my coat and my stylist introduced herself and brought me to my chair, after a quick chat about what I wanted i was brought to the sink. The best chairs ever & they give you a massage while you get your hair washed YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT,  a massage.



I got a curly blowdry and a lovely cuppa some magazines what more could a girl ask for. It’s the little things. Loved this salon, it was beautiful couldnt fault one thing about it, I will be booking on the fantastic WhatSalon app again. Download it today ladies and let me know what you think?



Download today !

Until next time,

My BeautifulThings XxX




2 thoughts on “My “WhatSalon” experience.

    1. I really loved Darcy’s but I just got a blowdry, couldn’t fault them though. You are given a pricelist once you make a booking with WhatSalon which is great as most salon’s don’t have a pricelist displayed on the wall. Which is a pet hate of mine.Download the app it’s brillant.


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