Christmas Wish List



Don’t we all just love Christmas. The panic of shopping the last-minute dash to the shops for the one thing you forgot and then the standing in a queue the length of a marathon to purchase said item … every year we promise to begin earlier and to be more organised but do we?

No not I…

Let’s just say I have a lot to do and no time to do it, story of my life.

But I always get it done.


The tree is up & the house looks festive. But until my holidays begin and we do the annual visit to the big fella (Santa) it won’t  really feel very Chrismassy …

It is hard to switch off and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas which for me is spending quality time with your family & loved one’s, when your still working.

Here is my little WISH LIST or LUST LIST if you like; (money no object Santa)

Daniel Wellington – 149.00 Available here –


viktorandrolf_flowerbomb (1).jpg
77.40 – Love this one and we all need more than one !

71.10 – Jean Paul Gualtier is my signature scent.

Perfume and make up cause all girls need these there like necessities.

49.00 – Available here :

Who doesn’t need a new coat and yes it is a little pricey but quality over quantity and it is a piece that will never date.

04_WW0WW02234_251_01 (1).jpg
359.00 – Available here:,default,sc.html


These gorgeous black Nike kicks are so fab and would be great with just about everything !


76.00 Cause my feet are worth it !


Zara sequin skirt 29.95.


Love a little sparkle this time of year wear it at night with a velvet cami, or add a polo neck by day and black boots #loveit


Boots well just because…


89.95 Zara

Available here:



Love this piece from Fab Fillies –


I really really have been extra good this year Santa so pop this beautie under the tree.


459.00 Need this for all those important blogger photos.



Anything from Vanilla Fermoy.

Vanilla Fermoy
Vanilla Fermoy

A few things there on my wish list. But if don’t get any of the above who cares, I’ll be happy with the rest over Crimbo. Spending it with the one’s I love is the best present of all XxX

Yours Truly

The mad woman who hasn’t even started her xmas shopping !!!!



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