Christmas means ?


Christmas is the season of great joy !

December is here and it’s only a few days to Christmas day.

But what is the true meaning of Christmas ?

Is it the Christmas tree, the decorations, gifts under the tree, the big turkey dinner, lots of drink, the stockings hung by the fireside ?

For many Christmas is a time of great sorrow. People don’t have the extra money to buy presents or Christmas clothes for all the family, the turkey & all the trimmings that go with it. For many it is a wish and not a reality … this big joyous occasion called CHRISTMAS.

Many people will remember their loved one’s far away who may not be able to make it home for Christmas or those loved one’s who will never make it home as they have passed away. It is at this time of year that brings so many sorrowful emotions to the fore front of people’s minds. So please spare a thought for all the people who are less fortunate than you and remember the important things.



Like the gift of someone’s time, love & attention. Visting people at this time of year is so important. It can be a very lonely time for many especially the old. Spending precious time with your family and loved one’s is what it is all about for me. The homemade gift that the kid’s spent ages painting, drawing, sticking, cutting and gluing together the little message inside that warm’s the cockles of your heart. These are precious and of course priceless. Don’t get me wrong everyone loves to get a fab gift that more than likely cost a small fortune but at the end of the day is it really that important & will it stick in your head as a cherished memory, I think not.

0752306ff46ade9f69562414ca5c2da2     So with all that in mind I always love to do a homemade gift . Here are a few of my favourite ideas from Pinterest . Baking is a love of mine so I usually bake goodies and wrap em my way …  think crepe paper, ribbon, string you get my drift.


Cookies are simple and a great gift the kid’s will love to help you make and decorate them. Nothing tastes better than being homemade with love eh ?

3b41473afe50d87c662ce2d692c1d3cb Brown paper, pretty string a bell and some gorgeous evergreen from the garden all wrapped up, how simple yet festive.



An old jar just remove the lid. Draw out a winter scene, stick it on and spray with fake snow BINGO … pop in a tealight and there you have it. Gran or granddad would be well impressed.



Here is one for the wine drinker’s amongst you (I hate wine yuck). Use up those wine cork’s and make a homemade Rudolf. Add some glue a brown pipe cleaner  and a bow. Adorable or what ?



Really love this idea especially for the teenager (I have one of those) he loves sweets and money so what a great idea. Just get a large jam jar, M&M’s an empty toilet roll, pop it inside and fill up with sweets then in goes the cash add a festive tag and there you have a really cool gift.

Homemade means so much more. Put thought and love into your gifts this Christmas instead of throwing money at someone to make up for lost time or effort … it’s the simple things like YOUR TIME & YOUR LOVE & EFFORT that make it so so very special & memorable.



Merry Christmas everyone  XxX




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