2015 was ?


My final post of the year.

2015 good bye !

It was a very tough year with some amazing highlights for me.

As the saying goes what doesn’t kill makes you stronger, hell ya.

That is so true.

It is hard to write the words, to put my year in a story.

Or maybe I am not quite ready to tell that story. Some things we will take to the grave with us & never mention. Some people know and others don’t need to know.

Or maybe it’s a story not worth telling. So instead of writing a post about it, I will capture my year in  Quotes.

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My little blog is a year old and it has been a rollercoaster ride this year. I just want to say thank you all so very much for your love and support and all the messages and kind words it makes it all worth while. Here’s to the best year ever and I hope all my dreams & your dreams come true in 2016.

Lots of love,

My Beautiful Things XxX


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