The Rectangle



Hello my fellow fashionistas. Following on from last weeks body shape we will now cover the Rectangle. It does not sound like the most complimentary of shapes but hey if you dress correctly for your shape it can transform you.

Characteristics of a rectangular body shape are:

  • Straight up and down
  • Do not have a clearly defined waist
  • Shoulders, hips and waist the same size/except in women
  • Men fall into this category

Examples of a rectangle body shape are Keira Knightley & Alexa Chung



So here are some tips to enchance such an athletic frame.

  • Lots of accessories
  • Bright eye catching colours
  • Layering fitted clothes
  • A good push-up bra to lift up your chest
  • Keep waist trim at the same time
  • Nipped in jackets at the waist
  • Belts are an essential/ dark colours

Scoop neck/ sweetheart / bustier dresses are all very flattering












There you have it ladies. Hope you are a  little wiser in how to dress the fabulous body shape. Long and lean instead of short and dumpy like little old me. We all need to embrace our given body  shape and clothes can do this for you and create perfection when done right. There should be no fashion faux pas after reading this post …


Until next time,

My Beautiful Things XxX









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