The Wedge or Triangle


Third one in the body shape series & this week I’m covering The Wedge/ Triangle.

Characteristics of the wedge body shape are:

  • Shoulders are noticeably wider than hip-line
  • You may have strong looking shoulders
  • Your body figure may project a sporty athletic physique
  • Great legs often come with this body
  • Your hips look straight given your shoulders being broad
  • You have little or no waist definition
  • Examples of the wedge body shape are Angelina Jolie and Renee Zewellger



e7fb9504d7bb5b58ae54731ac15f1d26 (1).jpg

So how do we dress this body shape I hear you ask well it’s simple.

Create curves around your bottom.

Use bold colour skirts and full skirts ( circles, ruffles, tiers)

Nipped in jackets and tops, sweaters, coats.

Boot cut, flare & wide leg pants.

Soften the shoulders, drapey fabrics, weighty fabrics, wide straps.

Collar less shirts, no shoulder pads/ unbuttoned cardis.

Cargo pants, trench coats, rompers, studded boots, pumps, beaded sandals will all be amazing on you !


Hope this helps in your quest for style and getting the right clothes for your body shape & making the most of your assets.

Happy shopping ladies and any style or fashion queries just ask I would be happy to help.

Yours Truly

A Fashion Obsessed Freak.




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