The Diamond

body-shape-diamond.gifCharacteristics of the diamond body shape are:

  • Diamond shapes are opposite of an hourglass figure
  • The waist is thicker than the shoulders and the hips
  • dressing a diamond body shape is best done with the clothing that creates balance
  • Adding volume to your shoulders and hips as well as fitted clothing at the waist creates perfect curves
  • Promoting flattering lines that are easy on the eye

Examples of this body shape are Beyonce and Oprah


oprah.jpgWhat to wear

Mild shoulder pads

Slim down midriff

Tops that flare out like an upside down “V”

knee length pencil skirts

Soft or faded stripes abstract floral paisley

What not to wear 

Tight fabrics

Puffy or bulky material

Empire waist tops

Baggy and shapeless bottoms

High waisted  pants

Clingy skirts or dresses

Chunky platforms

Overly delicate styles

High stilettos

Remember overall , a diamond body type is not as challenging as you may have expected and the focus is around playing down your midriff, defining your wait, adding volume to the shoulders in proportion to the hips using the right types of clothes. That is it for the body shape series ladies I hope you are all a little wiser and have gained some insight into your body type. Happy shopping my Fashionistas.

Any style questions feel free to ask !




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