Vintage Photoshoot



I studied at Tiger Training Academy to become a Qualified Stylist & Personal Shopper. A course which I absolutely loved. I made some wonderful friends for life during my time at Tiger. Check out the course Here

My final assessment was to organise a photo shoot. So what is required to do this you may ask ? (alot believe me)

Firstly ideas & a concept, location and timing,think of a theme, sourcing the clothes, creating a moodboard, getting models.

No matter where you shoot, always make sure to research the area you are intending to use as a backdrop for your photos. Many of the locations around you might require a permit to use their premises. Make calls and research.

Aside from a given idea or an assignment, if you do not have a suitable model to showcase the work, your entire project could be doomed to fail…

The crew you choose should understand the task fully and should be able to fully cooperate on the set. If you are photographing for a big print ad, you might have a big budget. If it is a TFP Shoot(TimeForPhotosShoot)  it’s a totally different story !

If you are doing something just for yourself (to keep the creative juices flowing & stay motivated)There will always be those who will be willing to work to get fresh photos for their portfolios. Mostly, you can find them among starter-uppers, who need more exposure.

So, who is the crew?

Make-up artist, Hairdresser, Stylist, Set designer, Photographer, your crew can be as big or as minimal depending on certain factors.

So there is a little insight into the world I love & adore, Fashion shoots & Styling. These are the professional images from my very first shoot & I’m very proud of them. Let me know what you think ?

Girl Put That Record On !
Forbidden Passion
The Library



Stylist: Marie Barry-Murphy – here

Location: Hayfield Manor here

Female Model: Ina – check her work out Here

Male Model: Nathan Adams

Hair:  Nicole  – check her work out here

Mua: Joyce –  check her work out here

Photographer: Weered Bike Photography

Ina’s outfit’s : Here

Nathan’s outfit: Here

Until next time Fashionista’s XxX



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