Topman Inspired


Thanks to my Assistant Caroline & Model-Nathan and the very talented Miki Barlok here

I love Men’s Fashion as much as Women’s & love nothing better than dressing a Man !

I mean nothing better than styling a man. In Ireland we have so many young guys who dress in the Trackie as it’s Cool. Cool ??? No it’s not unless your headed to the gym put a little effort in please … teach your son’s to take pride in their appearance. You take a drive into town anywhere around Ireland and you see the Trackie pants with the white socks pulled up around them … dear God it drives me insane. Don’t get me started on the guys who can’t pull their pants up.  Then you head to London, France, Spain and you will see young men dressed smartly. I know we as a country have moved forward in Fashion but I feel it still has a long way to go in comparison to other countries.

With all that aside I took Nathan a young 20 yr old guy and styled him a few different ways to show you #Style real STYLE that looks well on a young man. Dressing well does not mean your stuffy or old. These looks are classically cool and trendy.

A crisp white shirt keeps this look young and fresh.
I just had to show you how fab these Trackies are all on there own. Perfect for the gym.
Every guy should have a nice coat it can really transform an outfit. Oh and good shoes always clan and polished mind !


A simple casual everyday look.


Here I layered up the white T-shirt with the grey top and added the navy blazer for warmth.
Dressed to impress

Hope you liked the looks as much as I loved styling them. Which look is your favourite ?

If you have any Fashion conundrums please contact me and I would be delighted to help.


Love Marie

Stylist & Mua  find me here XxX



2 thoughts on “Topman Inspired

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the tracksuit epidemic!! I call them Glorified Pyjamas because it’s like they roll out of bed in the mornings and go from one pair of pyjamas to the next. Can’t understand how amyone finds that attractive.
    A lot of it comes down to self-worth, self esteem, and your general attitude too.
    Well done to the Gentlemen who are making an effort, and to the rest I say-you need to get out of your comfort zone. ‘Comfort’ being the operative word.
    Great shoot, lovely styling. Well done to ye 🙂
    Carol @ Jolly Caucus Race

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