Eva May Vintage – Gatsby Collabration

Great Gatsby 1920’s what can I say only wow this era is filled with old world charm and women being women. The Roaring twenties as some might say, lavish lifestyles, women finally having earned the right to vote and alcohol flowing like water …sounds good right. Below are some images that I styled to recreate the independence in women’s fashion during this era and the lavish surroundings they found themselves in.

DSC_4527 (1)
Model & Stylist Marie Barry-Murphy


This stunning silk gown, shoes & headpiece from Eva May Vintage & Resale


DSC_4309 (1)

Vintage Dresses, Handmade Fasinators  from Eva May Vintage & Resale

DSC_4410 (1)

Stylist – Myself- Marie Barry-Murphy

Photographer – Kieran Hayes

Models – Paulina/ Elena

Hair & Makeup – Nichole

Location – The Stunning Hayfield Manor Cork

For any collobrations with me please contact via social media I will leave all my links below

 Marie Barry-Murphy – Beautiful Things



Love Marie XxX


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