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Nimue. It is a skin care brand I had never heard of even though it has been in Ireland for over 10 years or so. But maybe it’s because this brand is exclusive to salons as it is a prescribed skin care program and cannot be bought over the counter.. Niamh Sweeney sales executive for Nimue and I worked together to organise an exclusive Nimue Event which took place in the beautiful surroundings of  The Brush & Spoon – Gallery Crafts  Kilworth. It is well worth a visit, believe me.

Here we all are at the Exclusive Nimue Event in The Brush & Spoon


Here is my Starter Pack.

We each received a starter pack from Nimue tailored to our skin type. Niamh introduced the brand to us all and spoke with such knowledge and passion. I feel it’s important for someone who is promoting something that they themselves should use it.Niamh is using the brand herself with 4  years and she loves it. Her skin is amazing believe me. We were introduced to Nimue’s Brand Ambassador which is the lovely Jean Marie Stander pictured below. She spoke about her journey with Nimue and also a funny story regarding sunscreen but we wont divulge that !!!


What is so great about Nimue you may well ask ? Well firstly it is a Dermacosmeceutical skin treatment product ain’t that a mouth full. I must admit I never knew what a DERMACOSMECEUTICAL product was. So basically a traditional cosmetic beauty product will not cause the skin to change or rejuvenate, but are restricted to beautifying and concealing. Whereas a COSMECEUTICAL product effectively treats the signs of damage in the skin and ultimately creates a healthier skin through active skin rejuvenation.

My face at the beginning of my Nimue Journey.

I myself have been using Nimue since the beginning of February and after just two weeks I noticed a big difference in my skin. The glow from my skin was fabulous so much so that my hubby complimented me on it. I personally noticed the smoothness and the blurring of pigmentation and the odd (age spot) that I have on my face. I’m sticking to that dear god it’s terrible that we have to age isn’t it but hey I’ll try anything that is of benefit or helps in the rejuvenation and restoration of my younger self ! Let’s all admit that we want to age gracefully but if we can use something as amazing as Nimue to make us look our best without going under the knife then hey give me NIMUE any day.

Enough of the old lady talk now. I especially love the fact that in the skin care pack there is a sunscreen as apart of your daily routine. I never would have used a sunscreen daily before now, and being a runner I’m out in all weathers so Sun-C is extremely important to me. I have completely and utterly fallen in love with the brand and can say that I’m a NIMUE convert. I will be telling my friends all about it.

Sun- C  I love you X

People love to know the lay man’s terms for new stuff be it makeup or beauty products so here’s my two pence worth. I loved every product and they are all fab on my skin only thing is that there is a transitional period which means I did get a few breakouts & dryness. It’s your skins way of adjusting to the new active ingredients within these products. The change in my skin is amazing and will continue to improve and change for the better. Why pay good money for a skin care range that just beautifies or conceals when you can get Nimue that treats, rejuvenate’s and improves the skin. I think you get the picture.  Check out your nearest salon stockist


Here is my little auld face today just after doing my evening Nimue routine. Jammies on ready to chillax.

Don’t even mention the sprinkling of silver around the edges lol

If anyone would like to know more about Nimue or have any questions about my Journey so far feel free to ask me. I would be happy to help !

Love Marie a Nimue convert XxX


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