Meaghers Pharmacy Gift Box

Hello everyone,

So recently we got to meet the lovely Gillian from Meaghers Pharmacy at the #embnbloggersevent in Limerick. It was a fab day out and a huge thank you to the extremely generous folks at Meaghers who gave each of us Bloggers a gorge gift box to take home how wonderful eh. Bet your all dying to see whats inside. Well if your anything like me you would have ripped it open like a four-year old on Christmas morning…and that I did. So I do apologise as the excitement got the better of me and I opened each item which was INDIVIDUALLY wrapped YES you read it right I-N-D-I-V-I-D-U-A-L-L-Y  wrapped. That just shows the care and professionalism that Meaghers go too for their customer’s.

Meaghers Pharmacy Gift Box


Each item comes individually hand wrapped in yellow crepe paper with the Meaghers Quality Seal sticker.

So in my box I received the following and this is just a small selection of the brands that Meaghers stock.


Love Addict- Victorias Secret – here
Bondi sands Tan- here
BioDerma – here
Hot Mama- theBalm – here
NYX WonderPencil – here
Code Beautiful – here


nip_fab_glycolic_fix_pads (1).jpg
Nip+Fab – here
Sleek – i- Divine –here


I also received this gorgeous Summer Mist scented candle from  Purcell and Woodcock range it was so lightly fragranced and not over powering, just perfect for the bedroom. This was the first item I opened and lit it immediately as I love candles.   img_20160426_233055.jpg

If you are looking for a treat or want to give someone special a present with a little extra touch then look no further than Meaghers . They are having a May Bank Holiday Sale right now so get your orders in my lovelies. Believe me you won’t be disappointed with the service. Congrats to a great business doing it right and giving their customer’s that extra special personal touch, you can’t beat it !!!

Chat soon ,

Love Marie XxX




3 thoughts on “Meaghers Pharmacy Gift Box

  1. wow Marie! What a fab gift box. I actually saw Stephanie open hers on Snapchat so seeing everything individually wrapped showed real attention to detail. It’s like a proper present. Hope you enjoy using all your new lovely products and hopefully I’ll see some reviews of them soon x


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