On Friday May 6th I had the pleasure of attending the Wedding of my two dear  friend’s Grace and Carol. It was a very special and emotional day, one which I will never forget. I wish my friends a very long and happy life together. They looked stunning on the day by the way. wp-1463045779946.jpg

So the job of hunting for an outfit/dress for a wedding is no easy task let me tell you. I went to Cork on a mission to find something but came home empty-handed. I was not defeated as I love a challenge and I love to shop. Seriously I would shop from opening till closing everyday of the week and be a happy bunny. I began to look online and discovered a dress which I thought was the one. If you know me you will know I’m a dress addict I adore dresses they are so feminine and girly and that’s what I love, a woman to dress like a woman. Here is the dress I thought was the one, I had spotted it online at Therapy For Girls so I went to Midelton to try it on. But between the jigs and the reels I didn’t come home with the dress. I found out that evening the dress was also in Verso, Susza & Vanilla and immediately I was turned off. I was like hell no I’m not rocking up to a wedding with the likely hood of someone else wearing the same dress … I’D DIE !!!

It is a beautiful dress & it fitted perfectly, but it wasn’t the one !

My search continued and low and behold I discovered a stunner online at Canella Lane . The service was fantastic and delivery was free and very prompt. They have a wonderful selection online. You can also ring and make an appointment to go instore. I felt a million dollars in my dress.

Dress €72.00


I accessorised with a hot pink envelope clutch and pointed stilettos to brighten and add that colour pop as the dress itself has very soft tones. I wanted the dress to do the talking so I kept the jewellery very classy and delicate.


Hot Pink Envelope Clutch ( My Friends) from Suzsa
Bracelet from Next  /  Watch (my sister’s) / Earrings Oasis


From Debenhams Cork

There you have another snippet of MyStyle if you have any Fashion questions or your looking for an outfit and need assistance I would be glad to help. Feel free to contact me for an appointment on any of my social media platforms all listed below. Or email me at at

Until next time my FASHIONISTAS stay GORGE  XxX

Marie Barry-Murphy – BeautifulThings



SNAPCHAT – TheBeautmum


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