Nimue Rejuvenation Facial & Alginate Peel


I recently went to Radiance Health and Beauty in Mitchlestown to get myself a Nimue Rejuvenation Facial & a Alginate Peel. As I am now a total convert to Nimue and adore their products I felt that I just had to treat myself to a little Nimue Salon pampering. That is just what you will get the minute you step foot inside the door of Radiance .

“Radiance” is located right next to Off The Rails in Mitchlestown

Nimue is a Dermacosmecutical skincare brand, which basically means you are going to get results and see visible changes in your skin like renewal & also reversing the signs of ageing and skin damage, from the sun, pollution, stress and so on and so forth.

My skin is classed as evironmentally damaged which means,  damaged skin that presents with clinical signs of premature aging or photo aging, conditions and phototypes in varying degrees resulting from a history of exposure to environmental factors. The effects of environmental exposure are cumulative.

That is why I opted for a Rejuvenation Facial and the Alginate Mask, plus the fact that I just turned 40. Below is the lovely treatment room where I was pampered within an inch of my life, by the very lovely and very talented Phil. This lady knows her stuff and as she was once a nurse, I felt in very safe hands. A Nimue Facial is like no other facial I’ve ever had. The best way to describe it is that you feel like your skin is being prepped, cleaned and refreshed over and over. It felt very soothing and cooling and refreshing, I loved it. Oh and my neck was also done as the neck is another area which ages fast.I have received facials in the past where my neck was never touched so sometimes it’s not always about the swankiest  4 star Spa but about the Local Salon that gives great customer care and doesn’t rush you out the door. I have seen therapists stop mid-treatment to check their watch in other establishments !

Here is my Treatment room it was so relaxing

This AHA treatment soothes and retextures the environmentally damaged, pigmented or acned skin. 1 hour treatment is recommended.
Next up was the Alginate Mask. Alginate is produced by seaweeds with protective and anti pollution properties with green tea extract. It created a soothing and cooling effect on my skin, I almost drifted off to sleep underneath this blob of loveliness. Beware of scary image below hehe !!!

Me looking Totes Gorge eh

It also smelled like a whipped up soufle, instead of going in my mouth tehe it was carefully placed all over my face, and I was then left to relax. After all this pampering the skin is more hydrated and the peel has anti inflammatory properties and it reduces erthema. The bio active treatment has 15% AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), eucalyptus oil benefits skin exfoliation and renewal showing dramatic and visible results in skin rejuvenation.

That’s the expert lingo. To the likes of me it was like waking up and looking at a new-born babies peachy smooth plump butt and believe me it smelled just as good (not poo like) but newborn baby like !!! If only we could bottle that smell. I just was amazed by how well my face looked the texture the smoothness, my fine lines were almost non existent seriously. I just wanted to touch my face over and over it was that good.I would highly recommend these treatments as they will help your skin in reaching it’s optimal health quicker. Nimue peels offer superior results in comparision to a regular facial. Correcting accumlated skin damage and therefore increasing cell turnover. Get yourself booked up today for some Nimue Treatments believe me you won’t regret it. If you follow me on snapchat you will know I have or had two fine lines right smack between my eyebrows. But they really have improved hugely so I’m currently saving for my next Nimue Pamper session with Phil over in Radiance Health and Beauty Mitchlestown. Find your nearest Nimue stockist here


Excuse the plastic dress cover in the top left corner #eek

I think you can clearly see my love for Nimue in this post. The Nimue products range not only benefits your skin and appearance and not just feels nice, smells nice or just beautifies the skin, but truly does what it says and more in my opinion so from this NIMUE ADDICT I bid you farewell … oh a parting thought before I leave !





Money is not in abuandance for all and with that in mind if you cut out the glossy mags or pack of cigs (you should give em up anyways) every few days and save up to buy one of the products each month they will last ages believe me.A few months in fact. Ok enough Mommy ranting…

Here’s an example of a few products and price points: I buy the refills and pour them into my travel size bottles. If you have any questions on Nimue please don’t hesitate to ask.


Cleansing Gel.        €40 –       Refill  €31.25

Conditioner.         €42.35-     Refill  €33.15

Nimue Day.            €55.25
Moisturiser plus.    €47.90
Spf 40.            €27.75
Travel size.      €10.60
Eye treatment tube.    €27.25
Eye serum.       €31.25
Anti ageing eye cream.      €30
Vitamin C moisture mist.      €17.50

Until next time,





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