Barcelona Street Art- Grafetti


One of the things I adored about the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona was the Street Art. Some were a large blast of messiness and other pieces were so funky and cool. I was drawn to them instantly and thoughts of mega photo shoots ran through my head at a million miles per hr….#stylistatwerk

Check out the fab images that caught my eye.

20160614_223313.jpg 20160614_223326.jpg

Shhh… don’t tell him I posted this one.



Every available doorway and shop shutter was covered in Street Art. So wandering around very late at night when the shops, bars and restaurants are closed makes you feel like you’ve entered into an art gallery amid the labyrinth that are the streets & alleyways of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. It really brightens the shutters and doorways and adds to the quirkiness and beauty that is the Gothic Quarter.

Which image is your favourite? Let me know.

Until my next adventure

Yours Truly The Littlest Hobo…


2 thoughts on “Barcelona Street Art- Grafetti

  1. That must’ve been an incredible experience. And nice skirt! The dog reading the newspaper is definitely my favorite, so I pinned it. 😛


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