Choo choo … Train Tracks


Hope you all had a fantastic week.

As some of you may know I began my Brace Journey a few months back and said I would update you all on my progress. So on Thursday morning I had an appointment with my Orthodontist David. He was thrilled with the speedy progress that my Arch Expander had made and as the top teeth were moving so quickly he then decided to add TRAIN TRACKS to my bottom teeth !!! (top teeth were left alone)

I was slightly nervous getting them on I must admit and like normally the dentist doesnt faze me whatsoever. He began the process and I was so nervous I forgot to ask what the vile tasting stuff he squirted into my gob was but believe me it was gross, I was told to rinse quickly after each syringe of the gross stuff, thank god. I think it was after each little metal square was placed onto a tooth that I got the gross liquid…

Next up was the wire which had to be threaded through each square and they all had to be pushed down into position then. I imagined my mouth was going to be full of blood for some weird reason … just the idea of metal and wire in ones own mouth kinda freaked me slightly. I wont lie and say it was a pleasant experience as at one point it did hurt quite a bit & also at the end when the wires were being cut it stuck into my mouth which also hurt for all of two seconds. Finally once it was all done I felt like my bottom lip was massive like I was after getting my lips pumped with fillers eek and also the taste of metal takes a bit of getting used too. They felt fine, no great pain until Friday which was a whole other story lets just say it was a smoothie kinda day. Oh and the codeine came in handy also.

                                       BEWARE VERY UNFLATTERING IMAGE BELOW .


I must now remember that I am wearing a fixed brace and avoid hard and sticky foods such as:

  • Sweets and hard mints
  • Hard crusts
  • Whole raw carrots

They may break and bend wires which will slow down treatment.

Things like toffee and chewing gum are also out.

I am really happy to be getting on with my treatment and look forward to the end result it will be so worth it. Until next time it’s goodbye from me. If you have any questions regarding any of the above just ask.

The Brace Face XxX


4 thoughts on “Choo choo … Train Tracks

  1. You know it’s never occurrd to me what it would be like actually getting braces in . Iv been reluctant to try it, I guess iv been thinking it would be just too painful or uncomfortable. But this is very comforting to read. Keep going with the blog please, loving. It all

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    1. Why thank you so much Barbara for your comment. I’ll keep my followers posted on my journey. It’s 8 weeks till my next app. So back again then with an update. Thanks again for reading xxx


  2. Hi

    Just got braces today! Top and bottom. Dreading tomorrow’s pain.

    I’m back in 8 weeks.

    How have you been since?

    Love the blog & the snaps. I’m just a recent follower. It’s great to see Cork bloggers.

    All the best


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    1. Hi Lisa, have the painkillers at the ready maybe for the next few days. It took me a full week to 10 days to get over the pain, with only tracks on the bottom teeth. I have an arch expander on the top at present but heading back next tuesday so maybe the top tracks will be going on then eekk !
      It will be totally worth it in the end X Keep me posted


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