What a crazy few months. It’s amazing how much one can do when needs be. Motherly duties, housework, running, blogging and event organising to name some of what I get up to … But what sets my heart alight is #Fashion and so to my Outfit of the Day for our third Cloggers Bloggers Event … Continue reading MyStyle


Favourite Five

Hey you guys. So with organising the next #CloggersBloggersEvent in Cork, which by the way is on next Sunday in the Clarion and takes months of preparation, along with the kids being on summer holidays & then of course general Mom duties, it is near impossible to find the time or energy to blog.But I… Continue reading Favourite Five


Through the lens

Sometimes there just ain’t enough hours in the day. More so I feel when the kids are on their summer holidays. Routines are lost and no one day is the same, playdates, summer camps, days out, picnics, visiting the grandparents, cousins, sleep overs you name it and it’s all crammed into the summer hols. That… Continue reading Through the lens