Through the lens


Sometimes there just ain’t enough hours in the day. More so I feel when the kids are on their summer holidays. Routines are lost and no one day is the same, playdates, summer camps, days out, picnics, visiting the grandparents, cousins, sleep overs you name it and it’s all crammed into the summer hols. That along with everyday motherly duties & work and organising our Cloggers Bloggers Summer Event. I also try my damnest to keep up running three times a week … I’m exhausted just typing it all down. Maybe I’m just feeling it more this summer as our holidays are not till Oct (circumstances alter cases) as my dear old Dad says. So my Blog is suffering slightly and I could make apologies but hey it’s life and sometimes life gets busier and time must be allocated in order of priorities. I’m amazed that I have a spare moment to do this post but it wont be a literary masterpiece worked and re-worked to what I consider my perfection. I finally remembered to bring along my precise new piece of equipment my “Canon” and capture some beautiful imagery and precious moments of our trip to the town park in Fermoy. I hope you love the images as much as I loved shooting them today. Which ones are your favourites ?








What is life if you don’t take the time to stop & smell the roses Β ?


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