Brocade & Lime

Brocade & Lime is a Vintage Boutique just at the end of Cornmarket St.Cork. A slice of vintage glamour and retro squeezed style… An inspired ‘award winning’ clothing boutique and retro beauty parlour. Sourced worldwide From Costa-Rica to Moscow they seek modern designers who have brazenly pillaged the past for inspiration – Collections have been designated to decades from the ‘art decadent’ 20’s to the ‘psychedelic’ 70s!!! A few iconic vintage pieces also stocked to remind us of the original!! You can also find the best in inspired footwear and millinery. The hidden courtyard holds a retro beauty parlour where your hair and makeup can be styled to the past era of your choosing. Upstairs they have ‘The Hour Glass’ event space… A intimate Victorian themed party venue.


Vintage clothing is more than just “old used clothes.” It is more than new  unworn clothes. It is history, and art, and the stories of those who have come before us. Owning and wearing vintage clothing is a way of keeping those people and those histories and that artistry alive. At the end of the day, to wear vintage clothing is to be wrapped in romance. Vintage clothing is simply special. It just is.




Loved having looks from Brocade & Lime in our #CloggersBloggersEvent Fashion Show.


“Wear the damn Dress,” & steal his heart away !


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