Brace update !


Hey, hope your week is going well. Just a quick update on my Brace Journey. So on Thursday 15th of Sept I had an appointment with David my Orthodontist in Fermoy. If you’re not up to date with my journey so far read this post here & here .

David was thrilled with how much space was being created by my Arch Expander and my own Tongue .Yes your tongue is the most powerful tool you have and as it’s in your mouth already that’s pretty handy. One must just get over the trauma of taping ones mouth shut each and every night. It would surprise you how quickly you adapt to these things and it’s not an issue now.(reading my previous posts will inform you why this must be done)

I got  a new stronger wire attached to my bottom tracks and my Arch Expander was widened slightly, this goes on my top teeth. I also got my teeth polished and everything else is fine. Well except for some sensitivity for two to three days but nothing I couldn’t handle. No painkillers this time. I was anxious to get the top tracks on and just get on with the whole thing but I know these things can’t be rushed and its all about moving slowly and steady to get the best results. Patience is a virtue and all that !


8/11/2016  will be my next appointment so until then I shall plough on. One amazing thing is that I have not had one migraine in over 10 weeks which is momentous for me.

Until next time

Yours truly, the girl who brushes her braces 3oo times a day !

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