Cork on Ice- 10th Birthday Launch


My Family and I were invited by the lovely folks at Cork on Ice Mahon Point to celebrate their 10th Birthday it was a launch like never before – there was Ice-Skating obviously hehe !!! facepainting, balloons & loads more besides.

We visited on Sunday and the excitement was paramount. We have been meaning to go each year with the kids but between one thing and another never got round to it. When we arrived we were shown to the booting up area, where we collected our boots and then out into the rinks. There are two rinks, one for the little kiddies with adorable penguins and whales to help aid the kids and stop them from falling over like Bambi on Ice… they could have a few more as even some of the grown ups looked like they needed them.

img_20161114_082925.jpg   It really brings out the kid in you and we loved every second of it, you get 40mins per session which is good for the price. Here is where you can Book

They had a little area with a Gingerbread house and a giant cardboard cutout for throwing snowballs at which the kids spent a further 10 mins at after the skate session was over. Then the girls got there faces painted with cute snowflakes, they were thrilled. There’s also a Cafe on site and they have crepes and hot chocolate, which are a must believe me. Great if someone just wants to view the skating or another family member wants to come along grab a coffee and just chill off the ice.


We would highly recommend it for a family fun day and will definitely make it an annual family day to kick-start the festive season. Little tip, bring a change of socks and just layer up lightly as you do get hot after a few mins on the ice.

Thank you Cork on Ice  from the Barry-Murphys, we loved every second of it.


Marie XxX


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